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How to reorder slices in pie chart in WPS Office Excel

January 21, 2022

This tutorial from WPS Offical Academy helps you learn about how to reorder slices in the pie chart in WPS Spreadsheet. 

Simple steps to create a pie table in WPS Office 

Take this table as an example. The source data illustrates the percentages of various foods based on the recommended diet. And you can easily create a pie chart in WPS Spreadsheet following the steps:

1. Select the range of data you'd like to put into the pie chart, and go to the Insert tab, click the Chart button.

2. In the pop-up dialog, click Pie and select the desired style, for example, a pie of 3D here. Click the image to create a 3D pie chart.

Steps to change the order of slices in pie chart in Excel. 

  • Option 1 Rotate the pie chart

Generally, the order of slices in the pie chart corresponds to the order of source data. And we can alter the order of slices by rotating the chart for different perspectives.

1. Click Chart Tools> Format. In the pane on the right, click the CHART OPTIONS drop-down button, and select Series 1.

2. Select SERIES and you can adjust the Angle of first slice by dragging the slider to reorder the slices as needed. Alternatively, you can directly enter the number to rotate the pie.

  • Option 2 Change the order of source data

Normally, a pie chart is more visualized if the slices are sorted from the smallest to the largest. In this table, for example, the source data is not sorted in ascending or descending order, thus the slices in the pie chart are not sorted in corresponding order.

1. Select the range of data you want to sort, and head to the Data tab. Click the Sort drop-down button and select the desired sorting method, for instance, Ascending here.

Then, the layout of slices in the pie chart will change along with the order of source data.

lWhat is WPS Spreadsheet?

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More operations about pie charts in Excel

Visit WPS Academy and learn more about how to create the double layer doughnut chart in WPS Spreadsheet:


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