How to extract images from WPS PDF

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How to extract images from WPS PDF

How to extract images from WPS PDF

In our work and study, sometimes we need to extract images from PDF documents. We can use the Extract image feature of WPS to extract the images we need with just one click.

Take this document as an example. We need to extract the beautiful home-type images from the document.

Click Tools, and in the Edit interface, choose Extract image. In this functional window, the system will intelligently identify and display all the image materials in the PDF document.

Select the image we want to extract and click Extract to save the image to our album

We can find the extracted image in our phone album according to the image save path.

We can also click Edit, Edit image, and select the image we want to extract to get into the Extract image functional window. In this way, we can quickly complete the image extraction.

This function is exclusive to WPS Premium members. You can experience it immediately by purchasing WPS Premium.

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