How to filter blanks or non-blanks with one click

May 9, 2022

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Multiple blank cells in a table are inconvenient for us to look up data. How can we hide them with just one click?

1. Place your cursor at any cell. Click the Filter button at Home or you can use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L. Then a green corner marker will show in the header line, indicating you are in the filter mode.

2. Select the column you'd like to filter. Click the green icon and the data list to filter will pop up. Here, you can choose what to filter. 

3. Hover the cursor at Blanks and two options Filter Blanks and Filter Non-blanks will appear.

Note that you can only find them when the cells you selected contain blank cells.

In this case, after selecting Filter non-blanks, all the blank cells in this table will be hidden instantly.

On the contrary, if you click Filter blanks, the null value can be filtered with one click.

This function can improve data processing efficiency and save you much time in the filtering process. Did you get it? Go and try now!