How to filter data horizontally

Uploaded time: March 16, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

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How to filter data horizontally

How to filter data horizontally

The filter function is often  used in data processing, but only when the data is vertically arranged. Today we will filter data horizontally using two ways.

· 1. Transpose data

Go to the Home tab, and click AutoFilter to get the sales of all categories.

· 2. Hide data

What can we do if we only want to process data in the original table?

Select the range B2:M2, and then use the Tab key to select any Sales and highlight it with the white color. (Note: Tab allows you to move one cell rightward).

Then press the shortcut key Ctrl+G to activate the Go To dialog, where we need to select Row differences. Then, all columns are selected except the Sales column.

At this time, click the Home tab, and pick Hide Columns at Rows and Columns.

Did you get it? Come and try it!

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