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How to find sheet name by Formula in Excel (3 methods)

February 13, 2023

Excel users usually have a lot of work to do. If you want your Excel worksheet or any other document to be read and analyzed, then you will definitely need an appropriate naming convention. Excel has many options for naming a new sheet when you create a new workbook. You can choose to name the sheet by something other than the name of the workbook and this can be useful if you have a lot of sheets in one workbook or even if you want your own custom name. But what about finding that name

In Excel, sometimes you need to find the sheet name in Excel and use it for many other purposes, there are many formulas for this purpose. In this article, we will tell you different methods to find out what’s the current sheet you are working on ,you can try any of the following method to do so

 How to find sheet name by formula in Excel:

The first method that we would like to show is by using this Right function method, the syntax of this formula is


1.Open the Excel

2.Select any cell

3.And on the top of the function bar write the above formula , the answer will bring up the name of the sheet you are working inside the workbook.

4.It has returned me the name of the sheet which was being used

How to find sheet name by formula in Excel: Cell function Formula

The next function that we can use to find the sheet name by formula is this cell function , the syntax of this formula is

CELL(filename, cell  number )

1.Cell number refers to the cell where you  want your output as , you can also use this as

Cell(“filename”) by selecting a cell

3.This will return workbook name, path of the file as well as the sheet name

Following example shows how we can use this formula:

4.You can see here that it has returned the sheet name which we require for our further work

Now you know how to find sheet name by formula in excel using this cell method

Alternative to the Formula method

If you think that using these formulas and functions isn’t your piece of cake ,then don’t worry there is another way of finding

Every workbook has it’s sheet listed down at the corner

So if you want to have a quick idea of in which sheet you are working in

1.Just look at the bottom left corner of your workbook

2.Open the excel

3.Look at the bottom corner of the workbook just like this.

4.Here as you can see are every sheet indexed for the ease of the user , like in our case we are currently working in the sheet1 as shown

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