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How to Use Sheet Name in Excel Formula (Quick Methods)

July 22, 2022

The term Worksheet used in Excel documents is a collection of cells organized in rows and columns. It is the working surface you interact with to enter data. Each worksheet contains 1048576 rows and 16384 columns and serves as a giant table that allows you to organize information.

At the bottom of each worksheet in the Excel document window is a small tab that indicates the name of the worksheets in the workbook. Excel names these worksheets using a default name. These names (Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, and so on) are not very descriptive; you might want to rename your worksheets to reflect what they contain. For instance, if your workbook contains your annual budget, each worksheet within the workbook might contain budgets for individual months.

Location of Sheet Names

By default, each Excel workbook contains three worksheets named Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet 3. Their tabs are at the bottom of the spreadsheet as shown. If you don't see them, make the worksheet shorter vertically.

Rename Excel Sheet name

There are three ways you can rename a worksheet, and the only difference between them is the way in which you start the renaming process. You can do any of the following:

Double-click the worksheet tab and type the new name.

Right-click the sheet tab, click Rename, and type the new name.

Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + H + O + R, and type the a name. (The cursor can be anywhere in the worksheet.).

Get Sheet Name Using the CELL Function

When working with Excel spreadsheets, sometimes you may have a need to get the name of the worksheet. While you can always manually enter the sheet name, it won’t update in case the sheet name is changed. So if you want to get the sheet name, so that it automatically updates when the name is changed, you can use a simple formula in Excel.



How to pull data from another sheet by using cell references in Excel using sheet name:

  1. Click in the cell where you want the pulled data to appear.

  1. Type =(equals sign) followed by the name of the sheet you want to pull data from. If the name of the sheet is more than one word, enclose the sheet name in single quotes.

  1. Type! followed by the cell reference of the cell you want to pull.

  2. Press Enter.

    5.The value from your other sheet will now appear in the cell

  1. If you want to pull across more values, select the cell and hold the small square in the bottom-right corner of the cell

  1. Drag down to fill the remaining cell

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