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How to format a resume in Word

July 31, 2023

If you are trying to create a resume for ajob, WPS Office is to help you make your resume stand out among those of your competitors. Welcome to WPS Official Academy to read this free tutorial. After 3 minutes you will definitely master how to format a resume in Word.

Formatting a resume properly in WPS Office Word is indispensible.

A resume without proper format will not attract your employer for sure, no matter how many amazing skills are contained in your resume. Thus, no hesitation to learn it now!

lSteps to format a resume in WPS Office Word

ØLeft-align the important informationoftheresume

Left-aligning the important information enables the employer to easily catch what they are looking for, such as work experience, skills, etc.

1. Open your resume in WPS Office.

2. Select the significant information you want to show the employers clearly.

Note: Press the Ctrl key so that you can select multiple objects at one time.

3. Click the Align Text Left button, whose shortcut is Ctrl+L.


ØUse bullets to guide the resume points

The details of work experience and skills should be properly formatted in concise bullets so as to highlight the points in an organized way.

1. Select the content, and click the Bullets button in the Home tab to choose from the preset bullet styles.

2. Thus, each paragraph will be added one bullet in the front of it.


ØSelect a reader-friendly and professional fontin your resume

A professional font can improve the readability of your resume, and give the employer a good impression at a glance.

1. Press Ctrl+A to select all the text.

2. Click the Font drop-down button to select a suitable font.

Here are some recommended font styles.

uTimes New Roman





3. Adjust the font size based on the font style you choose and the space requirements. Generally speaking, the size is recommended to be between 10 to 12 points.

ØUse the appropriate marginon your resume

In most cases, the 1 inch margins on your resume page is appropriate. You can also select narrower margins when you have abundant work experience.

1. Go to the Page Layout tab, and click the Margins button to pop up a dialog.

2. Click Custom Margins, and set 1 inch at four directions.


Nicely done! Now you have mastered the four generally applied principles of formatting a resume in WPS Office Word. Now have a try and adjust flexibly!

lWhat is WPS Writer?

WPS Writer is a component of the WPS Office suite (including WPS Spreadsheet, Writer, Presentation, PDF editor), which is regarded as the best alternative to Microsoft Office suite. WPS Writer could be compatible with Microsoft Word. It is equipped with hundreds of exquisite fonts, and many other practical features, boosting your productivity to the largest extent.

In today's tutorial, we have learned about how to format a resume within 4 steps. To explore more useful skills in making resumes, please visit WPS Academy via the following links.

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