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How to insert a blue line in word document

August 5, 2022

How to insert a blue line in a word? Working on work docs is very common while working or editing inserting blue lines is very common. There is no such particular step that is used in the words and has no sense of purpose inserting a blue line in the word also shows the specific purpose. In other words, insert a blue line in the word is not used for all paragraphs only a few of them need to have a blue line. There are a lot of different colors used to show different purposes blue line is also part of it to give a feel of the border in the word document.

How to insert a blue line in word document between two paragraphs ?

Inserting a blue line in word documents is not a very complicated task to perform online. In simple words, you can easily insert a blue line in the words 2016 or word 2018 by following some easy steps.

1 Open a doc in word

2 Firstly put a point of insertion in the same paragraph and make sure the blue line is above it.

3 Go to the home tab of the word

4 Click the arrow tool that shows the downward arrow and the upward arrow. Simply click the downward arrow you'll see a lot of different options.

5 Choose the end option and click on border& shading. Select the borders and shading tab from the dialog box that word shows.

6 Keep your eyes focused on the preview area where the insertion point is located.

How to insert a colored line into the word document

After following all these steps you could find the method of how exactly to insert the blue line into the word document.

1 You've to firstly select the line that you want to change in case of changing different lines. In other words, for changing the line you've to first select that line then press hold& CTRL to change.

2 Secondly you've to Simply look at the drawing Tools that are there in the Format tab that will be found in the group of shapes styles.

3 You'll find an option for changing the color by using this method you can change the line in any color of your choice.

How to insert blue horizontal line in a word document?

Horizontal lines show the purpose of starting a new line without any page break or creating a new document. Here are a few simple steps very similar to the insert blue line in word steps to insert horizontal lines.

1 Start with opening a word document.

2 Move the position of the cursor towards the line or paragraph where you want to insert a horizontal line and placed it.

3 Third step is to open the design tab and click the page border where you find a pop-up window click the horizontal line.

4 Choose the style of the horizontal line that you want to add and click on insert. You'll see the horizontal line is inserted.

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