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How to add line numbers in Word 2022 easily

May 18, 2022

Word is one of the most powerful software you could have in your business because you can create good-quality documents. Among the tools available within the program is the option to add numbers online that will serve to highlight some fragments of the paragraph. You must learn how to add line numbers in Word to take advantage of the resource.

With line numbering in Word, you could add notes, headings, and text boxes deeper into the topic. If you are looking for how to add line numbers in 2016, you will certainly have the perfect opportunity to show your experience with the program. However, to make this possible, you should pay attention to the following methods:

How to add line numbers in a document?

Among the methods of How to add line numbers in word document, you will have a simple way that will be summarized in:

1. Open your document in Word with the specified text.

2. Go to the tools menu at the top and locate the Layout option.

3. Go to page setup and click on the line number option.

4. Select the Line numbering options and press enter.

How to add line numbers in Word within one or several sections?

To know how to add line numbers online, you should delve into integrating various sections. In this way, you will have a more organized document where the reader will not have doubts about the subject. To add a line number in the online document within several sections, you will have to:

1. Access the document in Word.

2. Enter the Layout tool and click on line number.

3. You will be shown several options, but you should only focus on clicking Line numbering options.

4. Put the mouse cursor on the add line numbering option and enter the number you want in the document.

How to remove line numbers in Mac or Word?

Now that you know how to add line numbers in Word, it is also good to know how to remove them in the document, and for this, you will have to:

1. Enter the Word document from your Windows or Mac computer.


2. Find the layout option, enter the page setup tool, and eventually select the line number option.

3. In the drop-down menu, click on none to eliminate all the line numbers present in the document. Alternatively, click delete for current paragraph to delete a single line number.

You have everything you need to know about how to add line numbers in word, including multiple sections or even removing them. If all the information has been helpful to you, do not hesitate to follow WPS Academy to have more guides on the tools in Word. On the other hand, you will allow yourself to be aware of new tools and features within the program.

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