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How to Add a Line in Word [For Teachers]

May 9, 2024

Do you find yourself to be in a constant state of frustration as a teacher, especially when you are required to create multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank exercises? It's a common annoyance for teachers at all levels and across various subjects. Creating clear and properly formatted questions takes time and precision, ensuring students can easily comprehend them. As a writer, I understand the intricacies that go into creating a perfect document by getting the lengths and placement just right. So in this article, I'll show you how to add lines in your Word documents as a teacher, making quiz preparation easier and more efficient.

How to Add a Line in Word [For Teachers]

How Teachers Can Use the Techniques of Adding a Line in Word

I completely empathize with teachers when I say that teachers have a lot on their plate, and finding a simple, cost-effective way to add lines to documents can make a world of difference. Instead of investing in expensive tools for a single task, WPS Office offers a free, versatile solution. This software works seamlessly across mobile, Windows, and Mac, letting you add lines, format documents, and even convert them to PDF without losing any formatting. If you're a teacher looking to reduce stress and increase efficiency, WPS Office is the tool you need.

Insert lines in WPS Writer

1.Essay Outline Assignments

Teachers can help students who are just starting out by teaching them how to write an essay effectively. They can offer guidance on choosing topics, structuring their essays, and providing examples of good essays for inspiration. By giving clear instructions and breaking down the essay-writing process into manageable steps, teachers can build their students' confidence and encourage them to develop their own writing styles.

Adding lines in Essay Outline Assignments in Word


Worksheets come in all types, and whether it's for English or Math, it's crucial to provide students with structured spaces to write. Without clear guidelines, students might not know how much to write or where to start. By including lines or designated areas for writing, you can help guide students, making the learning process clearer and more effective.

Adding lines in Worksheets in Word

3.Filling in Sentences

Filling in sentence sheets can help students learn sentence structure and improve their writing skills. By providing lines, students have a clear visual guide, indicating where to write and how much space they have. This structure not only promotes neatness but also helps students practice writing within a defined boundary, aiding in better sentence formation and improved legibility.

Adding lines in Filling in Sentences in Word

Basic Steps to Add Lines in Word

As a writer, I know how important it is to have user-friendly tools. For teachers juggling many tasks, finding an easy way to add lines to documents without extra costs can be a lifesaver. WPS Office, a free software compatible with mobile, Windows, and Mac, offers just that. It simplifies tasks like adding lines and even converts assignments to PDF without messing up the formatting. If you're looking for a convenient solution to streamline your workload, this is it.

Method 1: Add a Line in Word Using Design Option

As a teacher, creating tests, worksheets, or homework can be stressful. It involves crafting new questions while ensuring that the difficulty level matches and proper assessment is conducted. Frustration sets in when students write their answers all over the document because there are no clear sections. Therefore, it's important to learn how to add or insert lines in Word in your assessments, so that your hard work in designing them isn't wasted. Let's get to the steps right away on how we can insert horizontal lines in our assessments using WPS Writer.

Step 1: Let's start by opening WPS Office on our computer and then opening the test or worksheet we want to edit.

Step 2: Now that we have our worksheet open, which lacks visible sections, let's enhance its appearance by adding a horizontal line.

Open resume using WPS Writer

Step 3: To insert a horizontal line, go to the Home tab and click on the "Outside Borders" icon in the ribbon.

WPS Writer Outside Borders icons

Step 4: From the drop-down menu for Outside Borders, choose the "Inside Horizontal Border" option.

Add Inside Horizontal Border in your resume using WPS Writer

Step 5: Finally, simply press "Enter" to move to the next line, and a horizontal line will be inserted to divide sections in your worksheet.

Sections divided in a resume using horizontal line in WPS Writer

Method 2: Add a Line in Word by Drawing

If you are still struggling on how to make a line in Word, consider opting for this method on adding a line by drawing. It’s one of the easiest methods out there and with WPS Office it is even more intuitive as the interface is relatively easier to figure out.

Step 1: Alright, let's open the assessment where we want to add lines in WPS Writer.

Open assessments on WPS Writer

Step 2: To add a line, go to the "Insert" tab and click on the "Shapes" button to see various shapes available.

Insert Shapes in WPS Writer

Step 3: Now, from the shapes drop-down menu, WPS Writer offers different types of lines. We'll select the first option, which is a straight line.

Find Line in Shapes in WPS Writer

Step 4: Then, on your document, use the mouse to draw the line where it's needed.

Note: Teachers can hold the "Shift" key while drawing to create straight vertical or horizontal lines.

Step 5: After that, teachers can adjust the line's width, color, or style using the options in the "Drawing Tools" tab.

Format Line in WPS Writer

Method 3: Shortcuts for Adding a Line

The way you do how to draw a line in Word is very similar to how you do it on WPS Writer as well. The shortcut technique is really easy and is practically the least time-consuming two-step solution to achieving lines of any kind.

To add lines, type the following characters on WPS Writer and then press Enter to execute the shortcut:

  • Type three hyphens (—), to create a plain single line

  • Type three equal signs (===), to create a plain double line

  • Type three asterisks (***), to create a dotted line

  • Type three underlines (___), to create a bold single line

  • Type three tildes (~~~), to create a wavy line

  • Type three number signs or hashtags (###), to create a triple line

Different Lines available on WPS Writer

As a writer, I get how much easier life is when you have the right tools, and WPS Office's Design option is perfect for adding lines to documents. This feature is a lifesaver for teachers who need to multitask and create engaging worksheets. It takes the stress out of formatting so you can focus on the content, not on fiddling with the layout.

When I'm writing, I often need to add lines or borders to my documents, and that's where WPS Office shines. For teachers, this means creating worksheets that are visually appealing without spending hours trying to get it right. The drawing feature is fantastic for custom line creation, which is super useful when you're working with younger students. I can adjust line lengths to suit my needs, which is great for creating interactive activities or fill-in-the-blank exercises.

The keyboard shortcuts are another great aspect of WPS Office. Instead of clicking through endless menus, I can add lines with just a few keystrokes. This makes it so much easier to create educational content efficiently. If you're a teacher looking to streamline your workflow, WPS Office is definitely worth a try. It frees you up to focus on teaching and helping students, instead of getting bogged down in formatting headaches.

Optimizing Homework/Test Designing with WPS Office

WPS Office provides plenty of features that ultimately help teachers by automating the tedious part of their job, so they focus more on providing valuable feedback to their students, encouraging them to perform better. Here's an overview of some key functionalities and how they can benefit educators:

WPS Office

  • Template Usage for Consistent Feedback Formats

Templates are such a savior for you to be able to create consistent formats across multiple assignments or projects. WPS Office offers a variety of templates that can be used to create uniform feedback forms, rubrics, or grading sheets. By using a consistent template, teachers can ensure that their feedback follows the same structure, making it easier for students to understand and for teachers to maintain a standardized approach across different assignments.

WPS Templates

  • Collaboration Tools for Shared Designing

Collaboration is crucial in education, especially when teachers need to work together on designing materials or grading assignments. WPS Office's collaboration tools allow teachers and teaching assistants to work on the same document simultaneously, providing a seamless way to share ideas, design quizzes, and provide feedback. This feature can save time and foster a more collaborative environment among educators.

  • Drawing Tools for Non-Text Elements

Sometimes, words aren't enough to convey feedback effectively, especially when you're grading assignments that involve diagrams, graphs, or visual elements. WPS Office's drawing tools allow teachers to add non-text elements like check marks, symbols, or shapes to their documents. These tools can help speed up the correction process by allowing teachers to quickly mark errors or highlight important points without relying solely on text.

  • WPS AI for Grammar Checks

WPS Office's AI capabilities extend to checking for grammatical errors in assignments. Teachers can use WPS AI to scan their designs for grammar and syntax issues, ensuring that their feedback is clear and error-free. This feature can be especially helpful when preparing materials for a broader audience or when English isn't the first language of the teacher or students.

WPS AI Spell Check

FAQs About How to Add a Line in Word for Teachers

1. What should I do if lines in the document shift when I add text or feedback?

To prevent lines from shifting when adding text or feedback in Word 2010, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the "Insert" option located on the status bar to switch to Overtype mode.

Microsoft Word Status bar

Step 2: Press “Ctrl+U” to activate Underline formatting for the text you're typing into the underlined area.

While these actions can help maintain line alignment, it's worth noting that the underlined text may not always precisely match the original line, depending on how the lines were initially created.

2. Is it possible to use different colored lines for different types of feedback? How can this help?

Yes, it is possible to utilize color coding, including highlighting with different colored lines, for various types of feedback in a Word document. This method of color coding aids in visually separating and categorizing feedback, including corrections, suggestions, or praise. By assigning specific colors to each type of feedback, recipients can swiftly identify and understand the nature of the feedback provided. This visual distinction through color-coding enhances clarity and effectiveness in the feedback process, making it more engaging and easier to comprehend.

3. How can adding lines in Word benefit teachers?

Adding lines in Word offers teachers a versatile tool for designing various educational materials. For instance, they can create structured homework assignments, interactive writing exercises, and well-organized test papers. By utilizing lines effectively, teachers ensure that their materials are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and conducive to effective learning experiences for students.

WPS Office for Teachers: Manage Workload, Streamline Tasks, and Boost Efficiency

Teachers already carry a tremendous responsibility in guiding students and shaping their futures. WPS Office is an invaluable tool that can act as a virtual assistant, helping teachers manage many of the tedious tasks that come with the job. Whether it's creating quizzes, preparing presentations, or organizing course materials, WPS Office simplifies the process, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and less on administrative work. If you're a teacher looking to reduce stress and increase efficiency, WPS Office is a must-have. Download WPS Office today and experience how it can ease your workload and streamline your daily teaching tasks.

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