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How to Add a Line in Word [For Students]

May 8, 2024

Adding a simple horizontal line across your document is a great way to keep it neat and organized, enhancing readability. It's a subtle yet effective way to divide sections and create a cleaner layout. This is especially useful in a resume, where a messy layout could be the reason you're not landing a job. In this article, I'll show you how to add a line in Word for students to look more polished and professional, giving them a structured and organized appearance.

How to Add a Line in Word

Adding Lines for a Better Resume

Resume templates often use borders and lines to create a clean, professional look. These design elements help divide the content into sections, such as contact information, work experience, education, and skills. Here's a brief look at how borders and lines are used in resumes and the different types of lines you might encounter:

  • Section Dividers: Horizontal lines are frequently used to separate different sections in a resume, helping to create clear boundaries between information. This makes it easier for the reader to quickly find the relevant information.

  • Side Borders: Some resumes use borders along the sides or top of the page to frame the content. This creates a polished appearance and can help draw attention to key sections.

  • Minimalist Lines: Minimalist designs use thin lines to separate sections without overwhelming the page. This style is popular for modern resumes that prioritize simplicity and readability.

  • Decorative Borders: In more creative fields, resumes might use decorative borders or lines with unique designs to add personality without compromising professionalism.

Horizontal Border in Resumes

How to Add A Line in Word [Basic Skills]

Microsoft Word can be a decent tool, but is it truly reliable when editing important documents? The software is paid, and one of the most annoying issues when creating resumes is that it doesn’t offer clear dotted lines where you're supposed to edit. To avoid these issues and simplify your resume creation process, I'll show you how to add a line to your document easily that you can follow along on any device—whether it's mobile, Windows, or Mac—I’ll use WPS Office for the demo. It’s a free office suite that's compatible with all Word document versions and can even convert your resume to PDF without losing formatting.

Method 1: Add a Line in Word Using Design Option

Using WPS Writer to create resumes is a lot easier because the sections and partitions are clearly visible while editing, unlike in Microsoft Word. However, the dotted lines separating each section won't appear when we convert the resume into a PDF to share or print out. Adding horizontal lines to your resumes is vital in a sense, as it enhances the visibility and overall look of the resume. So, let's see how to add or insert lines in Word resumes using WPS Writer.

WPS Writer dotted lines for additional guidance

Step 1: First, let's launch WPS Office on our system and then open the resume that we wish to edit.

Step 2: Now, we have our resume with no sections and it looks very simple, so click on the section in your resume where you wish to add a horizontal line.

Open resume using WPS Writer

Step 3: Next, head over to the Home tab and then click on the "Outside Borders" icon in the home ribbon.

WPS Writer Outside Borders icons

Step 4: In the Outside Borders drop-down, select the "Inside Horizontal Border" option.

Add Inside Horizontal Border in your resume using WPS Writer

Step 5: Finally, all we need to do is press "Enter" to jump to the next line, and a horizontal line will be added separating sections in your resume.

Sections divided in a resume using horizontal line in WPS Writer

Method 2: Add a Line in Word by Drawing

If you need to draw simple lines on your document to separate your skills on your resume or for any other reason, then using the drawing mode would be a better option. Let's take a look at how to make or draw lines in WPS Writer.

Step 1: So, let's open the resume in which we need to add lines on WPS Writer.

Open resume on WPS Writer

Step 2: To insert a line, switch to the "Insert" tab and then click on the "Shapes" button to view different shapes available.

WPS Writer Insert Shape Options

Step 3: Now, in the shapes drop-down menu, WPS Writer provides a variety of different lines to choose from. However, for simplicity, we will be using the first option, which is a straight line.

Insert Line in WPS Writer

Step 4: Next, on your document, use your mouse to draw the line where it is required.

Note: To draw straight vertical or horizontal lines, students can hold the "Shift" key while drawing the line.

Step 5: Once done, students can change the width, color, or type of line using the "Drawing Tools" tab.

Format Line in WPS Writer

Tips: Shortcuts for Adding a Line

WPS Office provides students with an easy two-step solution to create lines with quick shortcuts, allowing them to work efficiently. You can insert lines using simple keyboard shortcuts to add various types of lines—single lines, dotted lines, or curvy lines. This feature is particularly helpful when you need to add visual breaks or design elements in your document. Here’s how to use these shortcuts in WPS Writer:

To add lines, type the following characters on WPS Writer and then press Enter to execute the shortcut:

  • For a plain single line, type three hyphens (—)

  • For a plain double line, type three equal signs (===)

  • For a dotted line, type three asterisks (***)

  • For a bold single line, type three underlines (___)

  • For a wavy line, type three tildes (~~~)

  • For a triple line, type three number signs or hashtags (###)

Different Lines available on WPS Writer

Students juggling assignments, thesis projects, and exams, especially in their final year, also face the stress of job hunting and crafting resumes. WPS Office offers a cleaner, more intuitive editing space than Word, simplifying resume-building. Its simple features ease the process, reducing stress and enabling focus on securing that dream job. Also, with the help of WPS Office, the draw tool provides a quick and efficient method for creating lines and decorative borders, enhancing document structure and visual appeal. With its user-friendly interface and accessible tools, WPS Office is the ideal solution for students seeking streamlined workflow without complexity.

Use WPS for Better Resumes

WPS Office has earned a reputation as an excellent office suite, offering compatibility, ease of use, and a free version that makes it a favorite among students. What makes WPS Office especially valuable to students is its versatility; from thesis writing to resume building, WPS Office provides tools to assist in every aspect of a student's academic journey.

WPS Templates

With a variety of templates, creating a professional-looking resume is straightforward. You can choose from several designs, each customizable to suit your style and industry. The seamless integration of WPS PDF with WPS Writer makes converting documents to PDF a load easier, allowing you to share your resume or thesis without worrying about format loss.

WPS Office also includes WPS AI, an advanced tool that allows you to generate text and rephrase content through simple prompts. You can use WPS AI to refine the language in your resume, add impact to your personal statement, or even create the perfect cover letter. This combination of powerful features in a single office suite makes WPS Office an invaluable resource for students.

FAQs about how to add a line in Word for students

1. Can I customize line style and color to make my work easier?

Yes, you can personalize the line style and color by following the guides below to easily adjust the appearance of lines in your document to match your desired style and color scheme.

  • Guide 1: How to Adjust Line Style in Word

Step 1: Select the line you wish to restyle.

Step 2: If you need to change multiple lines, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting each additional line.

Step 3: Navigate to the Shape Format tab.

Step 4: Choose the Quick Style that best suits your preferences from the options available.

  • Guide 2: How to Change Line Color in Word

Step 1: Select the line you want to modify.

Step 2: To adjust several lines, click the first one, then hold Ctrl while clicking the others you want to alter.

Step 3: Navigate to the Shape Format tab.

Step 4: Within the Shape Format tab, opt for "Shape Outline", then select your preferred color.

2. Can lines affect the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) reading my resume?

No, these formatting elements do not impact the readability of the resume. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can typically read a resume even if it includes bold font, horizontal lines, and bullet points. These formatting elements are generally compatible with most ATS systems, allowing them to recognize and process the content effectively. However, it's vital to consider that some ATS systems might struggle with complex formatting, so it's best to keep your resume layout clean and simple. Adhere to standard fonts, avoid using images or graphics, and use minimal formatting elements like bold or bullet points. It ensures that both humans and ATS systems can easily understand your resume.

3. How can adding lines to my resume improve its layout?

Adding lines to your resume enhances its layout by visually separating sections like your education, work experience, and skills, making it easier for recruiters to navigate and understand your qualifications effectively. This feature helps you stand out as a qualified candidate because recruiters can quickly find the information they need by scanning your resume.

Simple Lines, Big Impact: Enhance Your Documents with Lines

Regardless of why you need to add a line to your document, whether it's to divide sections in a resume or to add a visual break, it's one of the simplest ways to enhance the look and feel of your content. Lines can organize information, improve readability, and guide the reader's eye. WPS Office, a student-friendly office suite, offers the tools you need to add lines to your documents with ease. If you're preparing a resume and want to know how to add a line in Word for students, WPS Office has you covered. It's versatile and user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for students. Download WPS Office now to give your documents a polished, professional look.

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