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How to insert a section break in word

August 5, 2022

The purpose of a section break in a word is to change the flow of a document, especially one that is divided into chapters. By inserting the section break you can change the flow and give it a good effect. Section breaks are very useful in writing to give the reader a good flow and also to guide the reader to follow where you need them to follow.

Inserting a section break in Word could be very helpful when you’re creating content in long articles. For example, you could add a section break at the end of a paragraph if you want to insert it in another section. You can keep reading to see how it’s possible to insert a colon in all the words so that in each one of your paragraphs, you have a colon at the start.

How to insert a section break in word 2019

Step 1: Right-click on the status bar and click on the page layout and then columns.

This image analyzes a section of the document into two columns. To make this you need to insert section breaks at the beginning and at the end of the section to be formatted

Step 2: Click at the beginning of the text on the page that will begin in the new section and select the Layout tab but to make this easy you can click on Breaks as shown in the image

How to insert a section break on a Mac

Step 1: Place your cursor on where you want to insert the section break.

Step 2: At the top of the Mac on the insert menu, direct your cursor to the Break, then you can click on the section Break (Next Page). This will view the insert of the section break, and the next thing that will happen is for the text following the section break to start on a new page.

Step 3: if you would like to continue the text on the same page, you can click directly on the Section Break continuously.

How to insert a section break in a word document

Step 1: First open the document on your PC, after that at the top you will have to click on the Show and Hide button in the Home tab at the middle of the document to produce the formatting marks in your document, including section breaks.

Step 2: Place your cursor in any position you would like to insert the section break.

Step 3: Select the page layout tab in the ribbon at the top of the document

Step 4: After the 3rd step at the same location Select Breaks In the page setup group.

Step 5: Select a section break you wish to use from the drop-down menu:

Next Page Section: insert a section break and start the new section on o the next page

Continuous Section: Applying this does not move the text after the break to the next page

Even Page Section: Applying this will move the text after the break to the next even-numbered Page

Odd Page Section: Section break starts a new section on the next odd-numbered page.

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