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Inserting section break in Word document (Mac and PC)

May 18, 2022

In developing a thesis or work within the company, you must use a few Word tools. One thing to learn is how to add or remove section breaks in word to style your article. You could also use the tool to divide the most important sections within the document.

Section breaks in Word are more relevant than you think, so you should use them in your following articles. It won't take you five minutes to delete or insert a section break in word as long as you follow the given steps.

How to insert a section break in word?

For you to learn to insert a section break in Word, it is fair that you follow these points:

1. Open the document in Word no matter what version of the program you are using.

2. Click anywhere on the written page. It would help if you considered that the point you select would be the beginning of your section break. It is good that you learn to divide the paragraphs into sections so that the topic looks understandable and does not unnecessarily pause.

3. Look for the layout tool located at the program's top.

4. Select the breaks option and press page setup in the drop-down menu to view the tool's detailed view.

5. Within the option section breaks, you must place the break you want. If you do not feel sure about your choice, you can read the description of each break.

How to remove a section break in Word?

If you want to have a pleasant experience with the tool, you should also know how to remove section breaks in Word. For this process, you must do the following:

1. Open the document in Word and click on the home option.

2. Select the non-printable characters tool with an upside-down P icon that is ¶.

3. Click where you placed the section break to remove it and press Enter.

How to change a difference from the section break in Word?

In case you are not looking to know how to remove section break in Word online, if you change it to a different form, you will have to:

1. Access the document in Word.

2. Select the break you want to change and click on its left.

3. Enter the design or layout option within the software interface, go to breaks to open the drop-down menu, and select the section page breaks option.

4. Find and select the new break you want in the document, and it will be changed automatically.



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Best Alternative – WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is indeed a powerful office processing software that offers comprehensive features for creating, editing, and formatting documents across various formats, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides. Users can utilize WPS Office to work with section breaks in these different file types.


1. What are section breaks, and why are they important?

Section breaks are used to divide a document into different sections with distinct formatting options. They are important because they allow precise control over formatting, facilitate page numbering and headers/footers customization, help organize content, and provide document customization options. Overall, section breaks enhance the structure and formatting of a document.

2. How do section breaks enhance readability?

Section breaks enhance readability in several ways:

  • Section breaks visually separate different sections, reducing visual clutter and improving readability.

  • They establish a clear and logical structure, aiding readers in navigating through the document and locating information.

  • Consistent formatting within each section enhances readability and creates a cohesive look.

  • Section breaks help readers focus on one section at a time, improving comprehension.

  • Visual cues like subheadings or bullet points can be used in conjunction with section breaks to further enhance readability.

3. Are there specific guidelines for using section break words?

Step 1 Insert a section break.

Step 2 Choose where you want a new section to start.

Step 3 Navigate to Layout > Breaks.

Step 4 Select the sort of section break you desire:

  • Next Page Section break begins the next page's new section.

  • Continuous A section break introduces a new part on the same page. This form of section break is frequently used to increase or decrease the number of columns without opening a new page.

  • Even Page Section Break begins a new section on the following even-numbered page.

  • Odd Page Section Break begins a new section on the following odd-numbered page.


In conclusion, this ultimate guide emphasizes the importance of section breaks in enhancing document styling and readability. It provides step-by-step instructions on adding, removing, and changing section breaks in Word, along with tips on utilizing transition words, subheadings, and visual elements. 

Additionally, WPS Office is highlighted as a powerful alternative for section break utilization. By following the guidelines and leveraging the capabilities of WPS Office, users can effectively manage their documents, improve organization, and create visually appealing content with ease. Mastering section breaks enables users to optimize the layout and formatting of Word documents for a professional and engaging result.

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