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How to insert and edit pictures in PPT on Mobile

Uploaded time: March 10, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to insert and edit pictures in PPT on Mobile

How to insert and edit pictures in PPT on Mobile

Inserting pictures helps to enrich and beautify the slides.Take this word document as an example.

1. Place the cursor in the position to insert a picture.

2. Click Edit, and enter Tools.

In the Insert tab, two ways are available to insert pictures in the Picture option, namely, inserting local pictures and taking pictures with your camera.

Here we choose to insert local pictures.

1. Click Picture to open the album, select a picture and click OK to insert it.  

2. Then we simply can edit the picture.For example, resize the picture by dragging the gray circle icons around the picture or change its position by dragging it.

3. We can also open the toolbar and set the Object hierarchy.

4. In addition, we can edit the picture further.

For example, Copy, Cut and Paste the picture.Here we Copy this picture and Paste it to another slide.

5. Then we can crop the picture.

Select the picture, and click Crop in the floating menu.Here we can adjust the picture area to crop. When finished, click Done.

If you are unsatisfied with the cropped picture, you can reset it by clicking Crop again and clicking Reset

6. We can also customize the cropping shape.

Click Shape Crop, and we can choose one shape to crop the picture.   Here we try to crop a heart-shaped picture and click the save icon when finished.

Now we get a heart-shaped picture!

If you need more heart-shaped pictures, click Copy formatand Paste format to apply this shape to other pictures.

If you like the finished picture, you can click Save image to save it to your device.

Or you can click Set background to set it as the background for the slide, but you need to reset the cropping area of this picture.  

If you are still not satisfied with the picture, you can click Change Image to insert another picture or click Delete to delete it.

More convenient and interesting functions of PPT are available in WPS Office for PC, and you are recommended to download and explore it!

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