How to insert bullets in Word

July 22, 2022

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Word has a wide variety of elements and tools that can be used in various ways so how to insert bullets in Word is of the utmost importance. This can be used to mark paragraphs or highlight certain elements more than others.

When you learn how to insert bullets in Word 2010, using Word will be a little easier, and you will have the ability to create your documents in a different, orderly, and professional way. You have at your disposal a wide variety of ways to apply each of these symbols just by knowing how to insert bullets in Word.

How to insert bullets in word document?

If you don't want to complicate your day when it comes to learning how to insert bullets in Word, you can directly use the code of this symbol. This will greatly save you from navigating through the options to add it.

1. Open your Word document and select an area to insert the symbol.

2. Press the ALT key but don't release it.

3. Write the code 0149. You will notice that nothing is happening at the moment. Stop pressing the ALT key without pressing any other key. The desired symbol automatically appears.

How to insert bullets in word online list?

You often create a list, but you do not know how to do it efficiently, but knowing how to insert bullets in Word will no longer be a problem. By keeping in mind how to insert bullets in Word, you will be able to make your lists in a more organized way. Just follow these steps.

1. Initially, you will need to open the Word document. Next, you will have to choose where you want to start your list.

2. Press the TAP key once.

3. Proceed to type an asterisk

4. Press the TAP key again. The bullet symbol that will allow you to make your list will be automatically created.

How to insert bullets in word on mac?

To knowhow to insert bullets in Word on these devices, you must consider that it is not entirely similar to the Word interface you can see on other systems. With the steps shown below, you will be able to add these bullet symbols without further complication.

1. Select and open the Word document to use. Select the place where you want to enter the bullet symbol.

2. Go to the Home tab. Select one of the available styles, and you can start typing.

3. If you want to continue with the list, just press ENTER, this will cause a new bullet symbol to be created.

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