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How to insert calendar in excel

July 25, 2022

Microsoft Excel is an extremely versatile tool. The number of functions it has is overwhelming, so much so that you can discover how to insert calendar in excel and benefit a lot.

Having this type of information is ideal for making it easier to organize. Knowing how to insert calendar in excel is having a reliable reminder that can be adapted to your needs.

Learn quickly how to improve your life through the following methods:

How to insert calendar in excel using templates?

Templates are the easiest methods. You can find out how to insert calendar in excel online, and this is the easiest way:

1. Open the Excel program on your device and go to the bottom of the search bar where it will say Calendar, and press there.

2. Immediately, Excel will show you a series of options in calendar formats.

3. You will get a preview of the calendars of your interest. If any option is not to your liking, you can click X, and you will be automatically returned to the templates.

4. When you find an ideal format for you, you only have to click on the create button, and a new Excel file with your calendar will automatically open.

5. You can customize your calendar by changing the month, typing information in the day boxes, or changing colors and fonts.

How to insert calendar in excel only using a picker control for the date?

This is another option to get a calendar in Excel. Knowing how to insert calendar in excel with this method is very simple through these steps:

1. When you open the program, you should go to File in the upper left part and click on Options in the lower area of the menu.

2. Once you are in options, you should go to Customize Ribbon and scroll down, where you will see the Developer (Custom) button. Then it would help if you went to the end of the menu and hit the OK button.

3. Go to the Developer menu. When the following menu appears, click on the toolbox where Insert appears and press the button that says More control placed in the lower right option.

4. You need to select the Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control alternative. You will get a shaded-looking background. Press OK and insert the drop down calendar into the selected cell.

How to insert calendar in excel manually?

If you find templates or other methods too limiting or inconvenient, you can also learn how to insert calendar in excel mac brand new. To achieve this, you have to follow these steps:

1. Once you have Excel open, write all the days of the week in the spreadsheet inside the first row. This will be the base of the calendar.

2. You must select seven columns and adjust all the width to reference.

3. Adjust the height of all rows by selecting five rows below the row of days.

4. Align the numbers for the days in the upper right corner inside all the boxes. You must select Format cells, and in the text alignment part, set Horizontal to Right (Indent), and in Vertical only Top.

5. When the cell alignments are ready, count the days and modify the calendar depending on the current calendar of the year.

Calendars within Excel are a convenient tool for anyone. Knowing how to insert calendar in excel can bring you many advantages beyond simply being better organized.

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