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How to insert citation in Word?

July 22, 2022

When making a document, citations are one of the most important things you can come across. These are the ones that usually give the documents the most meaning. If you use excerpts from other documents or dialogues from other people, you must cite them, and that is why knowing how to insert citation in Word is very helpful.

Knowing how to insert citation in Word allows you to add these citations much more effectively since making them is usually complicated. If you don’t know how to insert citation in word not working, check all these options.

How to insert citation in word 2010?

To use how to insert citation in Word, you have to follow a series of guidelines since if you do not do it correctly, you will have to do it again, and how to insert citation in word online can become complicated. That is why you will have the intrusions on how to insert citation in Word effectively.

1. Open your Word file and go to the References tab.

2. Select the Style option and choose the one you prefer.

3. Select the area where you want to enter the appointment. Click on the Insert citation option.

4. You must add a new source. By doing so, a new menu will open to enter the reference data to be placed. Once you have finished creating the source, click on Accept, The reference will be created.

How to insert citation in word from mendeley?

To use how to insert citation in word document, you must have the Mendeley city plugin installed. This way, you will know how to insert citation in Word using this add-on.

1. Once in Word, you should go to the Insert tab.

2. Proceed to select the Plugins section and enter the plugin store.

3. In the search box, type the plugin to install. Once located, proceed to add it. Once installed, it will be located in the Reference tab. Select the plugin to open it, and you will be able to search for the references you want to add. Once the reference is found, select it and press Insert Citation.

How to insert citation in word on mac?

There are many ways to insert citation in Word depending on the font types and styles added to the citations. But mainly, you will have to learn how to enter a common citation, and these are the instructions.

1. With Word already started, go to the Citations section.

2. Select the place where you said to enter the appointment. Select the APA citation style.

3. Enter the data required to create the appointment. Click on Add citation, It will be added to the document.

The importance of how to insert citation in Word is very great. Still, it is equally important to know how to take advantage of these tools in a document design environment that is easy to understand. It would help if you used the WPS office software to take great advantage of these tools.

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