How to Insert dividers in Word?

August 5, 2022

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Now that technology rules the world, developers are exploring various word processing tools but once you get familiar with Microsoft Word you may not like other software. No one is certainly an all know of word software, and one of the things many found difficult is insertion of dividers in words but it's something that can be done easily.

In line with this, this content is written to provide you with every necessary procedure you need to know on how to insert dividers in word, for resume, on word 2016 or later, on Mac, etc, and I'm pretty sure you'll find this information useful.

There are different methods to insert dividers in words but let's quickly consider the quick way to add dividers with a shortcut;

  1. Click the hyphen two or more times then press the enter button. This will give you a full-width divider as a thin continuous line.

  2. Click asterisk thrice(***) and enter the key if you want a dotted line. Use three equal signs(===) and enter a button to add a double line.

  3. Use three underscores(___) and enter a key to form a divider with a medium thickness. Press three number signs (###) and enter a key to make a thicker line with a border. And to round it up, use three tildes (~~~) and enter to make a wavy divider line.

Inserting divider in word 2016 or later

1.Users of word 2016 or later versions (i.e 2019 or Microsoft 365) can click on the arrow next to the shading bar. you can simply locate this in the symbol used to represent it down the (Section) at the top of the document on your PC at the Home menu.

2.Click on the Outside BorderSelect the Border and shading for inserting the divider

3.Select the style you want to use, color, width, and the settings bar. After you finish your editing, click 'OK'.

How To Add Divider/line in resumes

1.When you are hunting for a job, one of the best ways to secure yourself a place is to have a professional and easy-to-scan resume. This will get you in the door for an interview in the first place. The trick is knowing how to add lines to words the correct way.

The fastest way to add horizontal lines is via the auto-format feature.

How to use auto format to add lines to resume

1.Shift the cursor to the point where you want to add the lines.

2.Press three symbols in a row:

-( hyphen for a plain single line)

===(Equal sign for a plain double line)

***(Asterisk for a broken or dotted line)

~~~(tildes for wavy lines)

###(number sign for a triple line with a thick center).

3.Press enter to move the line, press it once and drag it to another location. And in case you want to format the horizontal line, double click on the line to open the format horizontal line box where you can amend the height, width, alignment, and the color of the line.

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