Methods to insert checkbox in Word

July 25, 2022

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A checkbox in Word will allow you to create checklists, digital forms, surveys, etc. If you want your readers to be able to check or select boxes in your Word document, you need to word insert checkbox.

If you want to start creating surveys in Word, you must know how to word insert checkbox in simple steps. Your document will be easier to read, and readers will be able to respond comfortably.

How to insert checkbox in word ?

You will be able to insert an interactive word insert checkbox by following these steps:

1. Start the Word document.

2. You must click on the File tab, and in the left sidebar, you must select Options.

3. Then you need to select customize ribbon on the left sidebar, and from the customize ribbon menu, you need to choose main tabs.

4. You need to scroll down and select Developer in the list of options. Click OK at the bottom to continue. This step will allow you to add a new Developer item to your list of Word tabs.

5. In the document, you need to place the cursor where you want to add the checkbox.

6. Click the Developer tab and select the Checkbox Content Control icon in the Controls section. Word will add the interactive checkbox to your document when finished. This way, clicking on the box will check it, and clicking again will uncheck it.

It is a simple way to be able to word insert checkbox form field.

How to insert a checkbox using the start bullets button?

You can do it through the start bullets button. If you want to word, insert checkbox in Windows. You have to follow the following steps:

1. Open the Word document and select the Bullets button in the start menu.

2. Then select Define New Bullet from the menu.

3. You will need to click on symbols and choose the character for your checkbox. You will need to press Ok twice.

4. If you couldn't find the checkbox, you can change the font to Wingdings or Segoe UI Symbol.

How to insert a checkbox in Word for Mac?

To mac word insert checkbox using the Developer tab method; you will need to follow these steps:

1. Write the text document and place the course at the beginning of the first line.

2. You will have to choose the Checkbox from the Developer tab. You will need to press Tab or Spacebar to create space after the checkbox.

How to insert a checkbox in printed documents?

If you are working on paper documents and want to insert a Word insert checkbox, you can follow these simple steps:

1. You first need to make sure you are in the menu bar tab.

2. Next, click the Bullets dropdown icon.

3. Click on Define new bullet.

4. Select Symbol in the popup window.

5. Next, you must select Wingding2 as the source. You must choose the checkbox icon and click OK. Then OK again.

As you can see, Word insert checkbox is super easy, and use any of the options mentioned above. If you want to learn more about Word's features, you can choose WPS Academy.

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