How to insert endnotes in Word Document on Mac&Windows

April 19, 2022

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In our daily life and work, it is a necessary skill to insert endnotes in Office software. When we are writing a paper, we often need to add some references, bibliography or citationat the end of the page. It is a good choice to insert endnotes in Microsoft Office Word or WPS Office Writer on Mac or Windows. What is the endnote? Endnotes are generally at the end of the document, listing the source of the citation, etc. Footnotes are generally located at the bottom of one page and can be used as comments on content somewhere in the document.  Inserting endnotes is the same as inserting footnotes in word document.

The following are the steps to insert endnotes in Word document.

  • How to insert endnotes in Word document?

1. Position the mouse cursor in front of the text that needs to indicate the source.

2. Head to the References tab and click the Insert Endnote button to jump to the end of the document.

3. Enter content below Endnote Separator.

  • How to deleteEndnotes in Word document?

1. Select the reference superscript inserted in the text.

2. Press the Delete key to delete the endnote content at the bottom of the document at the same time.

  • How to change the format style of endnotes in word document?

1. Head to the References tab and click the Setting button to select the Footnote/Endnote button to pop up the dialog box.

Here, we can set the endnote or footnote's location,format and so on.

2. Select End of section to add an endnote to the bottom of the current chapter.

3. Select End of document to add endnotes to the very bottom of the entire document.

4. In the list under Number format, we can select the numbering style of the endnote (e.g., select 1, 2, 3,...).

5. If you are not satisfied with the default endnote numbering style, click Symbolto customize your favorite numbering style.

6. AtStart at, you can set the starting number value for the endnote, usually keeping the default 1.

7. If you want to renumber the endnotes of different chapters in chapters, you can select the Restart each section button.

8. Click the Apply button.

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