How to insert drop down list excel

July 25, 2022

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If you are a person who is used to working with very recurring data within Excel, it is of great benefit to you how to insert drop down list excel of all its available forms. These will allow you to establish the corresponding list of the data you will use in several sheets within the same Excel system, also considering repetitive lists.

If you use databases that are constantly repeated or you must pay a list of accounts that is usually the same, knowing how to insert drop down list excel will save you much time. Learn about the available ways to achieve it with any operating system or internet connection platform.

How to insert drop down list excel in Windows?

Insert drop down list excel is one of the simplest and most intuitive procedures, so the following steps are easy to understand:

1. Enter the inputs you want into your dropdown list within a new worksheet. You can quickly convert the list to a table by giving a selection to any cell and combining Ctrl+T.

2. Choose the cells in which you want the dropdown list.

3. Go to the Data tab in the top menu of Excel, then go to Data Validation.

4. Go to Settings, then click Allow and then List.

5. Enter Source to select the list range, placing the name and the ranges it belongs to. Remember to skip the header row. Check the dropdown box in the cell.

How to insert drop down list excel Mac?

While insert drop down list excel with Windows may be simple, Mac is on the same page in creating this list for quick and accurate data entry with the following steps:

1. Make a list of specific entries for the dropdown list, which will be written in a single column and without empty cells.

2. Select the cells you want to restrict the data entry.

3. Enter the Data option in Tools to select Data Validation or Validate.

4. Enter Settings and Allow in the menu presented, then click on list. Select the Source section and select the list of valid entries in the spreadsheet.

5. Press Return or click Expand to expand the data validation while restoring the dialog box, ending by selecting OK.

How to insert drop down list excel online?

You do not necessarily have to have the Microsoft Office package to be able to insert drop down list excel. You can do it online with Google tools in the following way:

1. Go to a new spreadsheet and type the entries you want in the dropdown list. Choose the worksheet you want to have the dropdown list.

3. Go to Data on the top toolbar, then select Data Validation.

4. Go to Settings and click on list in the Allow box / go to Source and drag the cells that have the input cells but don't include the header and check the dropdown box in the cell.

5. Click OK.

Accounts, now, with all the opportunities to insert drop down list excel in creating database sheets that you can send to others who must fill in the blanks. Everything is based on a system of rules, with you having the opportunity to create specific data that will later be filled in the system in a previously established order.

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