How to insert hyperlink in excel

July 25, 2022

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One of the benefits of Excel is that it allows you to include hyperlinks within cells so that it can be easier to go to a specific URL. The insert hyperlink in Excel is amazing as it saves you and others time and will allow more order to exist in the document.

This feature can do many things, such as links to websites, other sheets or workbooks, and specific folders. These are some methods to insert hyperlink in Excel and take full advantage of them.

How to insert hyperlink in Excel in the traditional way?

To insert hyperlink into existing Excel, two easy ways to do it are manually typing the URL and the other using the dialog box. These are your proper steps:

1. Type the URL manually.

When you manually enter the URL into a cell, Excel automatically converts it to a hyperlink. 

2. Select the cell where you want to put the hyperlink.

3. Press F2 to enter editing. You can also double click inside the cell.

4. Enter the URL and hit Enter.

5. Ready, the hyperlink will be created that simple.

6. Use the dialog box.

If you want the text in the cell to have a different inscription than the URL but still link to it, here's what to do:

1. Find the cell you want and put the convenient text for you.

2. Go to the Insert tab.

3. Click on Links, which will take you to the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

4. Enter the URL into the Address field and click OK.

How to insert a hyperlink in Excel to a spreadsheet within the same workbook?

This is the most convenient way for you to insert hyperlink in Excel mac without struggling:

1. Find the cell where you want to put the link.

2. Enter a text that you find convenient.

3. Click on the Insert tab.

4. Click on Links which will open an Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

5. You will select the option Place in this document on the left panel.

6. Put a cell you want to link. Now select the sheet you want to link to. Click OK, and you will get your hyperlink.

How to insert hyperlink in excel online to a file?

This method can even be used to establish direct hyperlinks to other Excel or Office suite files that are located in specific folders. For example, if you want to insert a hyperlink in Excel Online with another document, this is what you should do:

1. Follow all the steps of the previous methods up to three.

2. When you get to the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click on the Existing File or web page option on the left panel.

3. Click on Current folder within the Look in options. Select a file you want to hyperlink to. Click on OK.

To achieve insert hyperlink in Excel, there are many other ways, options, and hidden functions, but these are the simplest to follow and can be used best.

The insert hyperlink in Excel is just one of the benefits of this software, which is full of opportunities. Download WPS software and use this tool for an extraordinary creation of all kinds of documents in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. All this for free.