How to insert page numbers quickly in Word

January 12, 2022
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No matter you are a student, teacher, or business professionals, you can create and edit documents efficiently by WPS Writer as text editors. Today we will learn how to insert page numbers in a document, which will make your article easier to read.

1. Open your document in WPS Writer.

2. Double-click the footer of your articles, the footer will become editable.

3. Double-click thInsert page number box, then choose its format and position. You can also decide where to apply them at Apply to. Finally, click OK to finish this process.

How to insert page numbers in Word.gif 

4. Double-click the area outside the footer, then you can preview the effect. Whether you want to rebuild, adjust or delete the page numbers, just repeat the double-click operation.

How to insert page numbers in Word2.gif 

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