How to insert row in excel

July 25, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Excel's popularity over the years is due to its many features that make creating spreadsheets more convenient. One of these advantages is the excel insert row because it is convenient to forget some data and don't want to modify the entire document from scratch.

One amazing thing about excel insert row is that it's so easy to do, both for a single row and multiple rows. You have to follow these recommendations, and you will have no problem enjoying this benefit.

How to insert row of a single unit inexcel?

It is possible to excel insert row once within the traditional or simplest method. This is how it is achieved:

1. Open the document where you want to work.

2. Find the sheet where you want to excel insert row at the bottom left of your worksheet. These will be titled Sheet1 or Sheet2, respectively. You can modify this element at your convenience.

3. Select the number where you want to put the row, although it is also possible to choose a cell within the row where you want to insert the new one.

4. Press the right mouse button to access the context menu.

5. Click on Insert, The new row will appear just above the one you previously chose.

How can excel insert row multiple times in a row?

Sometimes it is necessary to place not one but several rows to be able to cover a certain extension of data. These are the steps to follow to excel insert row online successfully:

1. Follow the steps above up to the second.

2. Select the rows you want to insert depending on the desired number. They will be automatically highlighted in the worksheet.

3. Right-click to display the context menu.

4. By pressing Insert, the new ones will be placed on top of the rows that I previously highlighted. The data of the chosen rows will not be modified. They will only be moved down.

How change the format to the excel insert row?

When doing the excel insert row mac procedure, the format already established is repeated, which may seem tedious. You can modify this function like this:

1. Layout the rows you want.

2. Select the button that says Insert Options. Choose one of the available alternatives.

Excel has been listed as one of the best ways to do calculations and projects, regardless of whether they are professional, school, or personal. The benefits of this tool are enormous because they directly advocate simplicity and comfort when using it.

The only problem behind this software is that sometimes the functions are not active, or it is difficult to figure out how to do certain things, like excel insert row. Fortunately, many guides can help, and it is generally easy to perform each procedure without getting bogged down in the process.

You can access the free download of the WPS office software to make it easy to create and even process all kinds of documents in Word, PowerPoint, and even Excel. The simplicity of this alternative has no limits.