How to insert theta symbol in PowerPoint

December 14, 2021

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· Option 1:

1. Place the cursor where we want to insert theta symbol.

2. Click the Insert tab the Symbol drop-down button  More Symbols.

3. In the pop-up dialog, choose Symbol in the Font drop-down list.

Click the theta symbol in the area below and click the Insert button to add the theta symbol into the slide.

4. After inserting the theta symbol, click the Close button to close the dialog.


· Note:

If we want to insert theta symbol again later, we can click the Insert tab the Symbol drop-down button. In the Recently Used Symbols area, we can choose the theta symbol to insert it into the slide.


· Option 2:

We can also add theta symbol to the Custom Symbols area of the Symbol drop-down button:

1. Click the Insert tab the Symbol drop-down button More Symbols. Then the Symbol dialog will pop up.

2. Click the theta symbol and click the Insert to Custom Symbols button.

3. Click the Custom Symbols tab in the dialog, and then we can find that the theta symbol is in the Custom Symbols box.

4. Click the Insert button. Then, the theta symbol has been inserted. We can click the Close button to view it.


5. When we click the Symboldrop-down button again, we will find theta symbol in the Custom Symbols area. Its convenient for us to insert a theta symbol in PowerPoint.


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