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How to move rows in a worksheet

October 21, 2021

How can move row(s) in WPS Spreadsheet? Here are two options to realize it. The methods could be used for a single row or a continuous row range.

· Option 1: Move a single row by dragging

Select a whole row.

Move the cursor to the edge of the row, until the dragging symbol (+) presents.

Drag the selected row to the target place.

Option 1: Move a single row by dragging

· Option 2: Move a single row by cutting and pasting

Right-click on the row to be moved.

Choose Cut from the dropdown list. (Shortcut key: Ctrl+X)

RIght-click on the target row, and choose Paste in the dropdown list. (Shortcut key: Ctrl+V)

Option 2: Move a single row by cutting and pasting

· Move rows within a continuous range

It is similar to moving rows of a continuous range.

Moving continuous rows

Note that the command could not be used on multiple separated rows.

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