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How to printing labels with word ?

June 15, 2022

In some moments, the need to have a type of quality personalized identification or invitation is usually important. Many people tend to get complicated and use high-level Photoshop programs, but the truth is that by making Word or WPS Office documents it is possible to print labels with word with the use of completely customized tools in versions from 2010 onwards.

Knowing the process is not only based on applying visual details, but also on printing labels with word, everything is of complete quality and the final result is correct. If you want to learn how to do it, follow us so that you know the process for Mac and Windows.

Steps for custom printing labels with word from Mac and Windows

  1. Open a new document, click on the Post Office box and then on Labels.

  1. You will find a text box called Address in which you must place everything you want to go in the label or labels that you are going to make.

3. Go to Options so you can write the number of pages you want with the labels and columns you want within the same printing sheet.

4. Verify the label information based on the Product Number you selected, and then tap OK.

5. Check the Preview and make sure the labels are well placed in the places you want. Press Print to get the final result from the printer you selected.

Steps to make custom settings before print labels with word from Mac and Windows

In the previous steps you saw the configurations of the measures of the labels, here you will be able to notice the printing details that you can make.

1. Inside the Tags box, you will notice that there is a description of the tag that you have as current. Go to Options to change it.

2. In the Product number you have the opportunity to see the printing measures that are available. Entering Details you will be able to visualize them in the sheet.

3. After making the changes you want, click OK and you will return to Product number. Choose there the number of labels you want in total.

4. Review the data in Tag Information, being appropriate to the number of tags you want in total. If everything is correct, click OK.

5. Check the details in Label and its printing. Verify that the printer you'll be using is selected and tap Print.

Steps to print different labels with word on the same page from Mac and Windows

1. Go to the Post Office box and press Labels.

2. Tap Options on the pop-up window.

3. Select the type of number of impressions under Product number and view the details on the right side. Tap OK.

4. Returning to the previous window, click on New Document.

5. You will get a Word document with blank labels and you can add the information you want in each one making them different. Then you print them.

In versions of the program that are prior to 2013 and after 2016, you can print labels with word with the processes that you could notice. You can make as many labels as you want and all of them are completely the same or different from each other, just use the option that generates the most benefits for you.

In addition to the above operations, you can also use a simpler operation way, download WPS Office, to get a more relaxed and enjoyable office experience.

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