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How to quickly add a signature to a PDF

Uploaded time: February 15, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to quickly add a signature to a PDF

How to quickly add a signature to a PDF

We use powerful PDF in our daily life nearly every day.

Today we are going to introduce a practical skill. It can help us to add electronic signatures. By using this skill, we can easily sign a paperless contract or agreement whenever we want.

An electronic signature refers to a signature stored on an electronic file.

Nowadays, many people need to work and study online. Therefore, we can use WPS Office to insert signatures into the electronic files.

No matter if it is an online paper file or a cross-border electronic contract, we can sign it by simply using the signature feature of our WPS Office.

Open the PDF file that needs to add an electronic signature. Take this contract as an example.

1. Click Tools.

2. Then select PDF Signature in the Edit interface.

3. Select Create Signature. Now we can draw the signature. We can also choose the thickness and color of the signature freely.

Click Done, adjust the size of the signature, and place the signature in the proper position. Now we have successfully created a signature of our own.


Now click the upper right corner to open. Here, we can quickly use the signature we just created. We can also add the corresponding Signature Date.

Isn't it quick and convenient?

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