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How to remove page number in Word

July 21, 2022

Today we are going to learn how to remove page numbers in Word.After inserting the page numbers, due to one or two reasons, you realized that you don’t need the numbered pages anymore.Or maybe you want to remove page numbers for certain pages only, like the first page or the last pages.

You can remove page numbers in your Word document by manually editing the header or footer that contains them, but Word offers a specific function to remove these numbers automatically.This tutorial is one of the easiest way,you can remove page numbers in your Word document,it will help you organize your documents.You can  use this function on mac 2010/ 2013/2016.

How to remove page number in Word?

Managing the files is quite simple and efficient when you are using the formatting tools of Word.However,when it comes to removing page numbers from large files,this platform can provide you with the best services.

In Word, page numbers are inserted into the header or footer areas of a document.When you want to removes, or deletes, the page,first choose header & footer and then the header and footer sections will active.

1. Click Insert to open the Insert tab.

2. Select the Header & Footer,Open the Header & Footer Tools.

3. In the Header & Footer section, click on Page Number. A shortcut menu appears, click Remove Page Numbers.

4. On Page Number popup menu, choose Remove Page Numbers.With these few clicks, all your page numbers should disappear from your document. 

Here, we can select different types to delete page number according to our needs.Take current page as an Example!

How to remove page number from first page in word?

The above method showed you how you can remove all the page numbers from your Word document.However, most documents and formal reports do not display the page numbers on the first page.you can remove the page number on that page without deleting others page numbers.

These are the steps to remove page number on first page

1. Go to Insert>Header and Footer

2. Choose Header and Footer Options then a dialog box will open

3. Click the Different First page command and then oky.

To see your page numbers and confirm deletion of  the first page number, go to View Close the Header and Footer view.

How do I start my page numbers on page 3?

1. Click the Insert tab and then click the page Number button.

2. A popup down menu will open,select insert Page Number,a dialog box will open.

3. Click on Insert Page Number.

4. Another dialog box will open.

5. Here check at start at Page Numbering area

6. Adjust the start number as 3

7. Click oky.


This is a very useful tutorial,how to remove page number in word, which could help you to remove page numbers on simple business document or a large important files.For all,there are also some advance methods,you can find in WPS office.For more practice you can visit our WPS Academy. View and subscribe WPS Academy , Download WPS Office for free to edit Word/Excel/PPT/PDF.


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