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How to set a Drop Cap in WPS Writer 

Uploaded time: October 31, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to set a Drop Cap in WPS Writer 

How to set a Drop Cap in WPS Writer 

When we edit a document with WPS Writer, if we want to highlight the separation of paragraphs, we can set a Drop Cap effect in the paragraph. In this way, the first letter of the paragraph is a large capital letter and it occupies multiple lines, making the paragraph separation more noticeable.

· 1. Dropped

Take the first paragraph as an example. Select this paragraph. Click the Insert tab and the Drop Cap button, then a dialog will pop up.

1 (1).gif

In the Position area, we can choose None, Dropped or In margin. If we want to set the dropped initial capital and make it occupy multiple lines, we can choose Dropped. In the Options area, we can set the Font, Lines to drop and Distance from the text of the drop cap.

Click OK, then we can set the text in this paragraph to the drop cap effect.

1 (2).gif

· 2. In margin

We can also set the In margin to make the first letter hang completely in front of the text.

Take the second paragraph as an example. After selecting this paragraph, enter the Drop Cap dialog again, and choose In margin.

In the Options area, we can customize our settings, and we can click OK to return to the page to view the effect.

1 (3).gif

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