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How to set up multilevel numbering in WPS Writer

Uploaded time: November 23, 2021 Difficulty Intermediate

How to set up multilevel numbering in WPS Writer

How to set up multilevel numbering in WPS Writer

When editing a long article, we can insert bullets and numbering to present the article structure clearly.

In the following example, you will see a demonstration to create multilevel lists. Here are the steps.

1. Select the text to be numbered. Next, go to the Home tab, click the Numbering drop-down button, and choose More Numbering. The series of operations will pop up the Bullets and Numbering dialog.

1 (1).gif

2. Click the Outline Numbered tab inside. After that, we can see several numbering styles for selection. If we want to make changes to the selected style, click the Customize button.

3. Go to Number format. Here the Level area on the left shows different levels of headings.

'Level 1' refers to the first-level heading.

'Level 2' refers to the second-level heading.

In addition, we can select from the Number style.The items within the Number format category refer to the default styles. For example, refers to Level-one numbering. We can add symbols or characters in front of and behind the numbering. Here we enter  parentheses ().

1 (2).gif

4. Go to Start at to set the start number. We can also go to Font to change the font effect. Then quickly set the numberings respectively as Levels one, two, and three.

5. Click OK.

1 (3).gif

However, since there is no level-one numbering in this document, the content we just selected was numbered in level one by default. How can we change it to level-two numbering?

6. Place the cursor at the beginning of the text.

7. Press Tab on the keyboard to set the style as Heading 2.

8. Press Shift + Tab to return to the upper-level numbering.

1 (4).gif

Here is another example, from which we've found two problems.The first problem indicates that it's too wide between Level-one and Level-two numbering; the other problem refers to too many of the following text indents.What are the solutions?

1. Open the Bullets and Numbering dialog.

2. Go to the Custom List tab and click Customize to pop up another dialog.

1 (5).gif

3. Choose 'Level 2' in the 'Level category and click More. After that, we can access the settings of Number position and Text Position.

The Number position setting allows us to change the numbering position. Here we set the numbering to be Aligned at '0.5'.

We can also change the distance between numbering and text content. Go to the Text Position area and set it as '0.8'.

4. When we finish the settings, click OK.

1 (6).gif

The rest of this video will introduce some tips on bullets and numbering.

1. When we check the Legal style numbering option, the numbering style will adopt Roman numerals by default, while other styles are unavailable.

2. Go to the Link level to style category, where we can link the specific styles to the corresponding level of numbering. If we choose 'Heading 1' as the first-level numbering style, the corresponding text will present in the 'Heading 1' style.

3. If we check the Restart numbering after option, the second-level numbering, for example, will restart to number items under each first-level numbering. If we do not check this option, all second-level numbering will be continuous.

For more practical skills on bullets and numbering, please visit the website of WPS Academy.

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