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How to start auto numbering from 1

Uploaded time: January 27, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to start auto numbering from 1

How to start auto numbering from 1

Sometimes the paragraphsmust be automatically numbered to make the text more logically acceptable.

For example, we are typesetting the paper. And according to the typesetting requirements, the heading doesn't need to be numbered, while the body part does, and each numbering starts from 1. How can we operate?

1. Let's number the body part first. Hold down theCtrl key, and press the left mouse button to select discontinuous body parts. Then click Home and Numbering. We can see the body has been auto-numbered.

2. In most cases, the targets are automatically numbered based on the serial number order by default.

But when we need to auto-number the body part under the heading from number 1 once again, how can we achieve this?

Option 1

We can click the right mouse button before the text that needs to be re-numbered and select the Restart Numbering button to auto-number from 1.


To renumber the body following the numbering order of the last body part, right-click and select the Continue Numbering button.

Option 2

Also, we can select all the numbered body parts under one heading, go to the  Home tab,  click the Numbering drop-button, and then More Numbering. In the pop-up dialog, check Restart numbering under List numbering. Then the automatic numbering starts from 1 again.

Similarly, check the Continue previous List option to generate numbers following the numbering order of the last body part.

What a simple and practical skill! Did you get it?

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