How to use the automatic numbering

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How to use the automatic numbering

How to use the automatic numbering

How to use the automatic numbering

We often use the automatic numbering function when editing documents, which can enrich the structure of the document and make it easier to read. How can we use this function?


Take this catalog as an example. Select the content that needs to be numbered, click the Numbering drop-down button on the Home tab, and choose the style we want.

自动编号 (1).gif 

To get more styles, we can click More Numbering on the Numbering drop-down button. A dialog box will pop up at this time.

自动编号 (2).gif

After selecting any of the styles in the Numbered dialog box, we can click the Customize button at the bottom right to bring up the Customize Numbered List.

自动编号 (3).gif 

The in Number format represents the numbering style. We can add a prefix or suffix to the symbol. You can also click Font to modify the font effects.

自动编号 (4).gif

There are more styles for us to select from Number style. After selecting, we can check the preview effect at the Preview below.

自动编号 (5).gif

Click the More button. We can adjust the position of the number here, and generally, we choose Left by default. In the Tab space after, Text position refers to the starting position of the title text on the same line after the number is adjusted. We set it to 2 centimeters here.

Assuming that the length of the documents' title exceeds 2 lines, how can we align the starting positions of the two-line heading? We can do this by adjusting Indent at.  Now, we enter 4.5 in Indent at. Then, we can see the alignment of the two-line heading in Preview.

自动编号 (6).gif 

After setting it up, click the OK button to apply it to the text. To be office word advancers, we could learn how to use WPS Office Writer online in WPS Academy.

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