How to set paste options in Word?

December 7, 2021

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Copy what you need first and move your cursor to the position where you want to paste, and right click it. In the pop-up menu, we can see Paste and Paste Special.

There are two ways to set paste options.

Option 1:

1. Click Paste Special and we get a pop-up dialog. We can select any of them from the given options.

2. Here we select HTML Format for example, which means inserting the contents of the Clipboard as HTML Format.

Tips: We can know what the options mean from the Result area.

Option 2:

There are two icons on the right of Paste. We can set the pasting ways quickly by clicking Keep Source Formatting Paste or Keep Text Only.


Keep Source Formatting Paste means: inserting the contents of the Clipboard as text with the original formatting.

Keep Text Only means: inserting the contents of the Clipboard as text without any formatting.

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