How to sort text in WPS Writer

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How to sort text in WPS Writer

How to sort text in WPS Writer

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When editing documents with WPS Writer, here are three options to sort the data.


ONE: Sort by paragraphs

Take this document as an example. If we want to sort the data in ascending order, how can we realize it?

1. Select the text content.

2. Go to Home and click Sort.

After that, a dialog box will pop up. 

1 (1).gif


3. Go to Sort by, where we can choose to sort by 'paragraph', 'headings', and 'fields'; in this example, we choose Paragraphs. We can also set the sorting types ('Number', 'Date', and 'Text'); in this example, we choose Number.

4. Choose Ascending on the right-hand side.

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5. Since the content we chose includes headings, don't forget to check the Header Row option in the My List category. Then, the content will not be sorted by headings.

6. Finally, click the OK button to sort the paragraphs by numbers.

1 (3).gif


TWO: Sort by headings

If we want to sort the context by headings, how can we realize it? In this example, text contents are given below the four headings.

1. Select the content and click Sort.

2. Go to Sort by and choose Headings.

3. Go to Type and choose Text. 

4. Then, click OK.

As we can see, the headings are sorted by alphabetical order.

1 (4).gif


THREE: Sort by fields

This option allows us to set multiple sorting conditions.

Before starting, I'd like to explain what 'Field' is. For example, we have divided the text content into two fields with separators. The 'Date' area is marked as 'Field 1', while the other 'Total Sales' area is 'Field 2'.

1 (5).gif

Now we need to sort the data in Sales Records.

1. We can sort the 'Total Sales' data in ascending order regarding Field 1 ('Date').

2. Go to Sort by, choose Field 1 in the first choosing box, and Date in the second box.

3. Check the 'Ascending' option.

1 (6).gif


As we can see, multiple rows record sales for September 1st. On such occasion, we can set the second condition for further sorting.

1. Go to Then by, choose Field 2 in the first choosing box and Number in the second box. 

2. Choose the Ascending option.

3. Click OK to get the results.

1 (7).gif


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