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How to stop unwanted files to open in excel

July 22, 2022

When you launch excel, does excel index keep opening up files on its own? You may want to get rid of all the unwanted Excel files that open on their own on your computer. But you don’t need to worry as there are several options to stop excel index keep opening up files.

if your excel index keep opening up files, you can follow theses tips. Here is how you can stop it.

Analyze the file location from your device

If the excel index keep opening up files then it might be possible that they are located where they are not supposed to be. All you have to do is delete them or move them somewhere else. You can do this the following manner.

  1. Open disk C on your pc.

  2. Search for roaming documents in search bar. o

  1. There is fair chance that your unwanted file is located here. Move it to different folder or delete it.This should solve the problem of excel index keep opening up files. But if it still open up files then keep reading.

Analyze the file location from excel file

There is a fair chance that excel index keep opening up files because they are stored in wrong folder. But of course you have no idea what folder is that and you cant find it in disc C. So the next thing you must do is analyze the location of the folder. If the above method did not work for you then you can find the location of the folder with this simple method as well.

  1. Whatever file has opened up, go to menu and save as option.

2.From there you can see the location of the folder it is saved in.

3.Try moving the file to the different folder or delete them if you don’t want to use it.

4.And this should solve the problem.

Check if the unwanted file is Add-In

There is a possibility that excel index keep opening up file because it is installed as add-in for excel or add-in in general. So even if you delete that file or move it somewhere else, you will get error. This can be solved by deleting the Add-In.

  1. Open excel and go to developer tab.

  2. Click on Add-Ins.

  1. It will show you the toolbox for all the available add-ins. If your file has been installed as add-in, delete it and it will stop showing you error.

You can use these tutorials on WPS across different platforms such as windows, mac, android and others without being online. Also the shared excel file feature is supported in 2016/2019 and many other versions.

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