How to activate and stop Automatic Numbering in Word?

December 17, 2021
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By default, if you enter a number at the beginning of your text, the system will automatically assign numbers for the following text. In some cases, however, those numbers are unwanted guests. So how can we activate and stop automatic numbering?


· To activate Automatic Numbering:

Type a number followed by a period (like 1. or 2. ) according to your needs in the texts. Press the Enter key and the rest of your text will be assigned with numbers at the beginning of each paragraph. By doing so, you have activate the Automatic Numbering in WPS Writer.


Note: Click here to know more about Automatic Numbering.


·  To stop Automatic Numbering


1.Click Menu,  head to Options.

2.Click Edit and uncheck Auto Numbered List.

3.Click OK





Note: Once stop automatic numbering, you need to renumber the content. If you continue editing on the basis of the existing list, it will still be numbered automatically.


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