How to use the co-editing function

August 16, 2022

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WPS Office also supports Cloud collaboration. This function can go beyond the local network and make home-working possible.  You may share the file's URL, and collaborators can view and modify the attachment on the WPS web page. Thus, you don't have to save it to your Email or deal with the file's different versions.

How do I enable the co-editing feature?

1. we need to upload the file to the Cloud space. Click the Tools tab and click Save to Cloud Docs to pop up a dialog.

2. a cloud icon will appear on the file name. Click the Co-editing button to pop up an online page that shows the complete data record.

3. Click Share and set the permission of the file in the pop-up dialog box. You can allow anyone to read it and make the link public. This file is accessible to anybody with the link.

You can also allow everyone to edit it as long as the link is shared.

Co-editing is possible even if the collaborators haven't downloaded WPS Office. Click Get Login-Free Link to get the shared link of this file. Click Permanent and set the validity period of the generated link. You can choose 7 days, 30 days, and permanent. Finally, click Copy, and you can share the link with others.

How do I secure my shared documents?

There is no trick to collaborating on a file.  You can edit the file as usual. WPS Office will tell you other co-workers' status in this file and show you their positions.

You can choose Only the designated person can read and edit to avoid the misuse of the shared link. This option has a higher security level. Click Create and share and then add the list of collaborators below.

The default contact is blank. Click Add Contacts at Contacts, and you can invite the designated person to join your contact group.

Only those invited people can access and edit this file through the shared link; uninvited people will not be able to do so even if they get the shared link.

File security and privacy are extremely critical for collaborative editing. We may prohibit downloading, saving, and printing of files above.You can cancel the sharing status at any time or generate a new link. So the file's privacy and security are better protected.

With the highest level of the file, the creator can also share the file's ownership with other people. You may designate other persons to be the creator by clicking Creator.

How to view everyone's edit history?

Is it possible to record all the editing changes? The answer is yes.

This Co-edit function can save documents to Cloud in real-time. You can click the clock-like button next to the avatar and click Workspace to check the detailed changes and their time. In  file editing by collaborators, data is easy to be deleted by mistake. Just click Roll back this version, and you can return to any version.