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How to use the OR Function

Uploaded time: January 27, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to use the OR Function

How to use the OR Function

WPS Spreadsheet could be an alternative to Microsoft Office Excel. It includes 100's of built-in formulas, pivot tables, and more. This is a promotion application form submitted by employees. The company sets two conditions for it.

1. Length of service should be more than 3 years;

2: Personal KPI should be rated as A.

The Applicant has the qualification to register when any one of the requirements is met. If you are the HR of the company, how can you quickly select qualified employees from the table?

At this point, we can use the OR Function, which allows us to test multiple conditions. It returns TRUE when any condition is true, and returns FALSE when all conditions are false.

The syntax is stated as follows: OR(logical1,logical2, ...)

Logical1 is the first condition while logical 2 is the second condition to evaluate, and up to 30 arguments are allowed in OR Function.

First, select cellG3, click the Formulas tab, then click Insert Function, enter OR in the dialogue box. Finally, click OK.

After the dialogue box pops up, enter D3 > = 3 at Logical1 because condition1 requires the length of service to be more than three years.

According to condition2, enter E3 = A at Logical2, we want to filter out the applicants who match personal KPI rated as A.

Click OK, and drag the cell G3 all the way down.

Did you get it?

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