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How to use the paste special function

Uploaded time: March 25, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to use the paste special function

How to use the paste special function

Copy-paste has always been one of the most frequently-used functions in excel. However, few people are aware of its true power. Today we will learn how to utilize Paste Special in excel.

The first method is to paste special contents in your table.

Take this table as an example. This table is set with styles. In many cases, we merely want to paste the values but don't want the original styles. What should we do? Press Ctrl+C to copy the contents, click the Paste drop-down menu in the Home tab, and click Values. Only the values are copied this way.

Similarly, we can paste the Formulas of the contents. Pasting as picture is also an option.


In addition, we can also activate the Paste Special dialog by right-clicking the shortcut menu or use the shortcutsCtrl+Alt+V, and then we will have more options.

Assuming that we want to copy the style and column width of the original table, what should we do? This is very simple. After copying the contents, you just need to paste the style and the column width respectively.


Furthermore, Paste Special can achieve other practical effects, such as Transpose.

Go to Sheet2, press Ctrl+C to copy this table, and paste it using the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+V. Clicking Transpose will paste the table vertically.


Special Paste can also be applied to do some simple calculations.

Take Sheet3 as an example, we need to sell the goods at 30% off. Copy 0.7 first, then we can select the data to be calculated, press and hold Ctrl+Alt+V to activate Paste Special, and click Multiply at Operation to get the outcome.


Besides, Paste Special has other practical skills. For example, we can copy this table and click Pastelink to paste its link. By doing so, when the original table's content changes, the pasted content changes as well.

This is all about Paste Special. Did you get it?

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