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Insert a symbol in the table

Uploaded time: August 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Insert a symbol in the table

Insert a symbol in the table

When using WPS Spreadsheet, we often need to insert some special characters in the text content. Sometimes when we need to insert special symbols such as m2, , etc., it is not quite convenient to use the keyboard to input them. At this time, we can use the Symbolfeature of WPS Spreadsheet to meet our needs.

Take this table as an example. This is the Weekly Attendance Sheet of employees. We now need to add an area unit m2 after 1000 in the third row. Click the Insert tab, and then click the Symbol drop-down button. Here, we can see that there are Recently Used Symbols and Custom Symbols. These are symbols that are more common commonly used in our daily work. We select the unit symbol for per square meter here.

We can also use the special symbols of right and wrong to register the employee's weekly attendance. Click theSymbol drop-down button, and select right and wrong special symbols from the popup drop-down menu.We can also choose different types of right and wrong special symbols.


If we have a large number of employees, it will be troublesome to input symbols one by one.Therefore, we can combine the Insert Drop-Down List featurewith inputting symbols. It will be we more convenient. If you want to learn more about the use of Insert Drop-Down List, you can watch more related videos in our WPS Academy.

In addition, click More Symbols, then the Symbol dialog box will pop up. There are more symbols in Subset. We can choose them according to our needs. We can also select the needed font in Font. As a result, the corresponding symbol style will be changed accordingly.

In Special Characters, we can see some rare symbols, such as Copyright, Registered, Trademark, etc.In the Custom Symbols dialog box, we can delete and move the position of the custom symbol. 


The two dialog boxes Symbols and Special Characters both have the Insert to Custom Symbolsbutton at the bottom. Byclicking this button once, we can place the special symbols that we often use In the Symbols drop-down button. It will be more convenient for us to use when editing the document later.

Easy your work with WPS Spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. Did you get it?

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