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Show or hide editing marks

Uploaded time: January 25, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

Show or hide editing marks

Show or hide editing marks

All users may need to show or hide editing marks to preview the editing effects or make the document look neater. Today we are going to learn about how to show or hide editing marks.

· Show/Hide paragraph marks

Take this document as an example. Every time we press the Enter key, a blackParagraph Mark appears, which isalso called Hard Return. In general, it appears at the end of a paragraph, and its code is ^p in a Word document.__10.gif

It doesn't affect printing but sometimes has a negative impact on typesetting, so how can we hide the paragraph mark?

Click the Home tab, click the Show/Hide Editing Marks drop-down button, and uncheck Show/Hide Paragraph marks._.gif

Then when do we need to show paragraph marks?

Scene one:

But in some special cases, we need to show this hidden content by checking Show/Hide Paragraph Marks. Then all the hidden content is displayed.__2.gif

Scene two:

There are redundant blank pages in this document, and we fail to delete them by pressing the Backspace or Delete  data-imgw=720 data-imgh=405 data-src="//res-academy.cache.wpscdn.com/images/42d1a09980257d4c3861d7c7b670efff_0.38_1902.gif" data-test="skks" style="max-width: 100%; width: 720px; max-height: 405px; height: calc(100vw *(405/720)); text-align:center;" >

1. To show why these blank pages were generated quickly, we can check Show/Hide Paragraph Marks.

2. Then we find a Next Page Section Break inserted between pages.

3. Now we can move the cursor in front of the section breaks and press the Delete key to delete the blank pages.__4.gif

· Show/Hide Paragraph Layout

We often click the Home tab, click the Settings drop-down button, and click Paragraph to set the paragraph layout. However, the layout settings cannot be viewed intuitively.__6.gif

At this point, we can check Show/Hide Paragraph Layout to visualize the paragraph layout settings.Then an icon appears on the left.__7.gif

1. Click the icon to select the text and drag the buttons on the four sides to adjust the paragraph layout. When finished, click Close to quit the editing mode.__8.gif

2. Then click the drop-down button on the left of the page, and we can Reset Paragraph Format or Hide Paragraph Layout Icon. __9.gif

What a practical feature! Did you get it?

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