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Split Sheets in Excel into Separate Files (Complete Guide)

July 22, 2022

It could be necessary to divide a huge workbook into many Excel files by storing each worksheet as a distinct Excel file. You might, for instance, divide a workbook into many separate Excel files and then give each file to a different person to manage. You can keep your data safe and assign particular individuals to manage different types of data by doing this. Lets imagine The name of the student may be in column A of a worksheet that contains data, and you may need to automatically divide this data into numerous worksheets according on the name in column A. A fresh worksheet will be created for each student. The Split Date tool in Kutools for Excel helps to split sheets in excel into separate files column selection and row selection. This article contains steps to split important data in sheets, rows and columns.

Splitting Sheets using a selected column:

  1. If you have a range of data, like in the screenshot below, and wish to swiftly divide it into many worksheets based on column A in a workbook, separate each name into a new worksheet. Kelly, for instance, will be divided into one worksheet. You may complete it as follows:

To divide a range of data into numerous worksheets depending on a column, please choose the range first.

  1. Then, by selecting Home > Worksheet > Split Data, use the tool. Please choose Specific column from the drop-down list in the Split Date into Multiple Worksheets dialogue box before choosing the column you wish to divide the data based on.

  1. You can now see that each name in the column will be separated into a different worksheet and you have split sheets in Excel in separate files within a new workbook once you click OK to split the data. See illustration




  1. If you have a range of data, like in the screen shot below, and you want to swiftly split sheets in Excel into separate files, divide it into several worksheets based on the number of rows, You may write it down like this:

 please pick the range that you want to do so.

  1. Using Home > Worksheet > Split Data to apply the utility. Please choose Fixed rows and enter the desired number of rows in the box provided in the Split Date into Multiple Worksheets dialogue box.

  1. Please state the name of the new worksheet. The name of the new worksheet might be Row Numbers. New files will be created in a separate folder. Check screenshots given below:

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