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What Can You Do with Google Sheets App?

The Sheets Application from Google has an array of extraordinary features making it one of the best among the rest.

1.Collaborate On Data from Anywhere

One of the most premium features of this free sheets processing application is its powerful collaboration tools that enable multiple users to access and work on a single sheet in real-time from any device or location. This collaborative nature of Google Sheets combined with features like simultaneous editing, commenting, and version history makes a dynamite productivity boost.

2.Get to Insights Faster With Built-in Intelligence

Google Sheets is not just a spreadsheet tool but it comes with built-in intelligence to get to insights quickly and more efficiently. It provides advanced-level insights like suggestions for charts, graphs, and pivot tables that are most relevant to the data being analyzed. Moreover, you can also use its built-in templates to make your work more smooth and time-saving.

3.Seamlessly Connectivity to Google Apps

Being a part of Google ecosystem, Google Sheets seamlessly connect to other Google applications like Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Forms. It leads to efficient delivery because when a user creates charts or tables in Sheets, he can easily present them in Google Slides. Moreover, they may also incorporate Google Forms to populate a Google Sheets spreadsheet automatically.

4.Extend Collaboration and Intelligence to Excel Files

Google Sheets App and Excel sheets are compatible and users can upload Excel files to Google Drive and convert them to Google Sheets format, keeping all the formulas, functions, and formatting of the original file intact. It makes using two softwares simultaneously very easy without having to worry about losing the formatting.

Price of Google Sheets App

Google Sheets App is free of cost and you can use it on any device including smartphone and PC, provided that you have an internet connection and Gmail ID.

How to Download Google Sheets App on Mobile Phone?

Google Sheets App is available for Android and iOS and you can download it from respective store. Below is a detailed guide on How you can download Google Sheets App on your smartphone.

For Android

  Step1:Open Google Sheets on the Play Store.

  Step2:Write Google Sheets on the search bar.

  Step3:Tap Install. The Google Sheets app will appear on your Home screen.

Google Sheets Apps on Android

  Step4:Open the Google Sheets app on your Android smartphone and start using it straightaway.

Install Google Sheets Apps on Android

For iPhone

  Step1:Open App Store on your iPhone.

  Step2:Write Google Sheets on the search bar.

  Step3:Select Google Sheets, and tap on Get.

Google Sheets Apps on iPhone

  Step4:Wait for the installation. In a while, you will have Google Sheets installed on your iPhone.

  Step5:Open the application, login with Gmail ID, and start using it.

Google Sheets on iOS

How to Use Google Sheets App?

Google Sheets is an easy to use application. All you need is an internet connection and Gmail ID to get started with Google Sheets App. Follow the below steps to know How to use Google Sheets App for Windows.

Step 1: Create or Edit a Spreadsheet

  1.Visit “” on your web browser.

  2.Sign in using your Gmail ID.

  3.To create a blank spreadsheet, click on “+” icon.

  4.It will open a blank spreadsheet where you can start editing right away.

How to use Google Sheets Apps

  5.You can save the file in different formats on your local storage by clicking on file and then hover your mouse cursor on Download.

Download Google Sheets

Step 2: Share & Work with Others

  1.Now that you have finished editing the spreadsheet, it's time to share it with others.

  2.Simply click on the Share button on the right side of the screen.

share Google Sheets spreadsheets

  3.Name your recently created file and click on Save.

  4.You can share this file by adding emails or groups. Moreover, you can also simply copy the link and send it.

Google Sheets access on Windows

Problems with using Google Sheets

1.Difficult to Operate on Mobile.

Although Google Sheets is a cloud-based application and doesn’t require any installation, they can be cumbersome. Navigating the interface, feeding in the data, and performing other tasks on a smaller screen with touch controls is not as convenient as on a PC.

2.Inconvenient Zooming Function

The zooming function in Google Spreadsheets may not be as intuitive and user-friendly as compared to other applications. You may face lags as zoom in and zoom out is not as responsive.

3.Frequent Crashes

Google Sheets will crash especially when complex and heavy sheets are opened. A spreadsheet containing a large number of cells, formulas, or other data will increase the probability of crashing the application. Moreover, an outdated browser and slow internet connection also contributes to creasing the application more frequently.

WPS Office: Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.


Google Sheets is an excellent software for processing spreadsheets but there are alternatives that you can consider, in case you are not comfortable with Google Sheets.

Excel Sheets

Excel Sheets is a part of Microsoft Office suite that provides outstanding features covering the 360 degrees aspects of spreadsheets.In Excel, users can create worksheets with cells that can contain text, numbers, formulas, and functions, and can create charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data. It is not an online application and neither is it free so you have to buy the application and then install it on your local storage.


  1. Streamline your business decisions by organising, arranging, and presenting your data in a more visually-pleasing format.

  2. Save time with intelligence-enhanced tools for experts and beginners by automating tasks for users of all skill level

With Excel, you can present your data clearly, inculcating professional-looking charts, graphs, and tables that clearly communicate your data and insights to others.

  1. Work better together by bringing into play its collaborative feature and making information sharing easy.

  2. Make analog spreadsheets digital with a camera click by using a built-in feature that lets you capture data from physical documents, such as receipts or invoices, and import it into your spreadsheet.

  3. Connect to your trusted Power BI data sources that enable you to access and analyze data from different sources.


  1. It cannot manage more than a few thousand rows without grinding to a halt especially files having complex formulas used in them.

  2. Its extensive functionality and complexity makes it difficult to learn for some users.

  3. If you have low competency in mathematics and programming, difficult formulas won’t be your cup of tea.

  4. Unlike Google Sheets, it is not free and it is quite costly especially when requiring additional licences.

WPS Office

WPS Office is another awesome alternative to Google Sheets where you can process your spreadsheets. It is more advanced than Google Sheets with features like advanced conditional formatting, multiple window support, VBA macro support, and data consolidation from multiple worksheets into a single sheet. Moreover, it has a blend of Excel and Google Sheets because you can use WPS Office online and offline, making it a hot favourite for processing sheets.


  1. With WPS Office you can create exquisite charts with free built-in templates to make your data presentation more professional and visually appealing.

  2. It is compatible with multiple formats making it easier for users to share and collaborate with others especially when different software applications or platforms are in work.

  3. The tabbed viewing interface allows you to quickly switch between different tabs in a single window.

  4. WPS Office has many other powerful tools and it offers free conversion between Excel and PDF Files.


  1. Although WPS Office has advanced features, it may not meet demand in terms of capabilities to handle big files.

  2. It has limited compatibility when it comes to saving and editing files in diverse formats.

  3. Some of the features may have a steep learning curve for some users and difficult to use for some users.


Is Google Sheets the same as Excel?

The major difference between Excel and Google Sheets is that you can share the link of Google Sheets with anyone and they can edit the file. Moreover, Google Sheets is cloud-based while Excel has to be installed on local storage of your computer.

Google Sheets VS WPS Office

If you are confused about choosing the right application for processing your spreadsheets, please refer to the below tabular comparison of Google Sheets and WPS Office.


WPS Office

Google Sheets


Free to use

Free to use

Best For

Firms looking for free MS Office alternative

All size businesses

Distinctive Features

PDF conversion, File sharing, Collaboration

Add-Ons, Real-Time data analysis





Windows, Mac, Linux

Windows, Mac


Encryption & Password

Google’s Cloud Security protocols

Mobile App

Available for Android & iOS

Available for Android & iOS


Integration with MS Office

Integration with Google Products




5 Best Google Sheets Apps in 2023

Google Sheets Apps is so famous that there are dozens of third-party applications that will enhance the efficiency of your sheet processing. Below are 5 most famous must-have applications for Google Sheets in 2023.


SheetGo is a third-party application for Google Sheets that you can use for build custom workflows to automate entire business processes.You can Connect, transfer, merge, split or filter your spreadsheet data and use intelligent integrations such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Excel, and Gmail. It is available in the Google Workplace Marketplace and you can install it for free.

Apps for Google Sheets Apps

Merge Sheets

Merge Sheets is another application that you can use with Google Sheets and it is available in the Google Workplace Marketplace. Using Merge Sheets, you can combine data from multiple tables. It enables you to update existing values, all or only empty and new cells. Moreover, it will bring only non-blank cells from the lookup sheets. You can also add non-matching and extra matching rows to the main sheet.

Google Sheets Apps Add-On

Grackle Sheets

Grackle Sheets is an advanced level application for Google Sheets that allows you to check and correct accessibility issues in Google Sheets. It helps organise the sheet data into navigable data structures by automatically recognizing tables to which users can further assign row and column headers and publish as accessible light-weight HTML. In simple words, it is an excellent software to convert Google Sheets content as HTML.

Grackle Sheets for Google Sheets Apps

OKIOCAM for Google Sheets

OKIOCAM is an interactive software to take and insert snapshots into your Google Sheets files. It integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and you can access existing images in your Google Drive effortlessly. You can also add images into Google Sheets from Google Drive. It integrates hardware, usually a USB camera, software, and cloud education services like Google Classroom.

OKIOCAM for Google Sheets

Fillable Documents for Sheets

Fillable Documents for Sheets enhances your productivity by allowing you to create Google Doc as live fillable form with the ability to store data into Google Sheets, generate merged documents as Google Document & PDFs, and deliver with templated email notifications. You can publish the document as fillable form, get the link or embed code to share with your users to gather information.

Fillable documents for Google Sheets Apps


Processing spreadsheets require robust software for smooth operation. Google Sheets Apps is a free cloud-based software that you can use on your web browser and offers extraordinary features. It has dozens of third-party applications that you can use to automate your daily tasks. If you are not comfortable with Google Sheets, you can try Excel Sheets as its replacement but that is not a free one.

Moreover, as a free alternative, WPS Office is an amazing software that is available online and offline. It has advanced features to process spreadsheets like multiple window support, VBA macro support. Try WPS Office once and you will become its fan.

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