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The AND Function in WPS Spreadsheet

Uploaded time: December 28, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

The AND Function in WPS Spreadsheet

The AND Function in WPS Spreadsheet

The AND function is one of the commonly-used logical functions. When we need to test multiple conditions, it can quickly return the results. It will return TRUE if all of the arguments evaluate TRUE. Otherwise, it will return FALSE as its result.

The syntax is stated as follows: AND(logical1,logical2, ...)

Logical 1 is the first condition, while logical 2 is the second condition to evaluate, and up to 255 arguments are allowed in AND Function.

Take this table as an example. With the sales target of each quarter, we need to determine whether the sales performance of the employees in the table in each quarter is up to standard.

First, select  cellG3, click the Formulas tab, then click Insert Function, enter AND in the dialogue box. finally, click OK.

In the pop-up dialogue, enter the first condition: C3>15000 at Logical1 because the sales target of the first quarter is 15,000.

Then enter the second condition D3>12000 at Logical2, because the sales target in the second quarter is12,000.And so on, to the fourth quarter.


Click OK, and drag the cell G3 all the way down. In this way, we can quickly find out the employees who meet the sales targets in four quarters.

Now, we know that the AND function can return TRUE or FALSE. What should we do if we want this function to return the custom results

Very simple. At this time, we only need to combine the AND Function with the IF Function.

Select cell G3, enter the IF function in the formula input box above and nest the AND function.

We apply the following formula: =IF(AND(C3>15000,D3>12000E3>14000,F3>15000),Reach,Unaccomplished)GIF_6.gif 

It means that if all the conditions are met, we will return Reach. Otherwise, we will return Unaccomplished, and the content of the results can be customized.

TIPS: When you enter the formula, don't forget to use commas to separate each condition and add double quotes to the returned text.

In addition, the AND function can show other powerful features combined with other functions. Follow WPS Academy for further study.

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