The MINUTE Function in Excel

January 11, 2022
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·  Description:

MINUTE function returns the minute as a number from 0 to 59.

·  Syntax:


·  Arguments:

Serial_number: A number in the date-time code used by WPS spreadsheets, or text in time format.

·  Example:

Suppose we have the starting time (8 AM) and end time of different products on sell and we want to calculate how long it took for each item to be sold out.

1. Select cell C3 where we want to calculate the minutes for Baby Wipes end time.

2. We want to insert the MINUTE function here.

The MINUTE function returns the minute as a number. In this case, the starting time is 8 AM, so the integer of the minute value in cell B3 directly shows the sales duration of Baby Wipe, which returns 38 because The MINUTES function extracts minute value from cell B3.


So, we enter B3 at Serial_number and get the result 38. Then, hover over cell C3 and drag it all the way down.

The MINUTE Function in Excel.gif

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