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The professional office file cloud storage service | WPS Cloud

April 13, 2022

In order to save the files instantly when you forget to click the Save button or enter CTRL S, WPS Office provides a professional office file cloud storage service for us, that is WPS Cloud. Today, this article will introduce you an introduction to WPS Cloud.

What is WPS Cloud?

WPS Cloud is a professional and complete document storage and management service. WPS Office provides users 1GB of free storage space on WPS Cloud. Files and rich media can be stored in WPS Cloud. WPS Office supports file roaming and cross-device, so documents are automatically saved to WPS Cloud.

What's more, it is easy to upload the document to WPS Cloud with one-click file sharing. Users can share the file with anyone to view and download by creating a unique URL in WPS Cloud.

How to use WPS Cloud Online?

If you haven't downloaded WPS Cloud on PC, you can directly use WPS Cloud Online. Before using WPS Cloud Online, you should sign in to an account. You can set up a new google account or other email accounts.

Click the Free to use button to open WPS Cloud Online. Here, you can create new documents, meanwhile, these documents will also be saved automatically to WPS Cloud.

The following are 3 basic functions of WPS Cloud, respectively creatinga new folder, removing files and downloading files in WPS Cloud.

How to create a new folder in WPS Cloud?

ü Open WPS Office.

ü Click the WPS Office icon on the top left corner.

ü Click WPS Cloudand selectMy Cloud.

ü Click the New Document button on the top right corner, and choose New Folder. In the pop-up dialog, we can name the folder and change the location of the folder.

ü Click the OK button, then the new folder has been created successfully.

How to remove a file in WPS Cloud?

ü If you want to remove a single file, you can follow these steps.

ü Click theOpentab My Cloud Files.

ü Place the cursor on the file to be deleted, right-click the file, and clickDelete.

Or if you want to remove multiple files, you can follow these steps.

ü Press the keyboard Ctrl+left mouse buttonor press the Shift+left mouse buttonto multi-select the files that need to be deleted.

ü Click the right mouse button, and click Delete to remove files in batches.

How to download files in WPS Cloud?

ü Open WPS Office.

ü Head to the Home page, select the left navigation bar and click the Open button to click WPS Cloud Files.

ü Place the cursor on the file we want to download, right-click and select Export in the shortcut menu, then we can download files in WPS Cloud.

Therefore, have you learned about WPS Cloud? If you want to know more about WPS Office, feel free to come to WPS Academy.

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