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Tips for better layouts & formatting with less efforts in WPS Docs

May 17, 2024

Documents serve various crucial purposes, from school projects to business reports and countless other avenues. It's imperative that our documents are presentable so that viewers can easily comprehend the content. This article aims to bridge your knowledge gap by recommending you some useful and effective tips.

Tip 1 Inserting Bullets and Numbering

When writing, we often just list our content non-sequentially. Here, bullets and numbering in WPS Docs can help you re-organize information, emphasize important points and improve readability to readers.

Simply selecting in Home> Bullets or Numbering, you can find various styles and even customize your own style! Get clean and systematic formatting just in several clicks.

Want to reduce the space between bullets/ numbering and your text? Explore in Bulleted/ List Indent> After Bulleted or After Numbering, you can adjust the space at ease.

Tip 2 Adjusting Paragraph Spacing & Indents

At times, our writing might feel either too compact or overly spread out. Adjusting paragraph spacing and indentation in WPS Docs can make your writing more reader-friendly and ensure it fit well within the page limits.

There are several ways in WPS Docs. However, just try the Paragraph on Home tab, which is the most time-saving way with least operations!

If you have already set a formatting style in a certain paragraph and want to make the whole text apply such style, just go to Home tab> Format Painter. Aligning your text with the shortest time!

Tip 3 Changing Fonts

The choice of font style and size plays a vital role in daily writing tasks. Ensuring that your choices can match different scenarios matters. Fonts options in WPS Docs can make your writing more professional.

Just go to Home tab> Fonts or Fonts Size, select fonts styles and sizes meeting your needs!

If you want to set different fonts style or size related to different parts of your text, just go to Home tab> Styles before creating your text content. In this way, you can avoid ambiguity in your text.

Tip 4 Batch Delete Function

Have you ever met blank lines and pages that can't be removed,sudden jumps to the next page while typing,and cluttered text formats that you want to delete in bulk in your writing?

Go to Home tab> Click Word Typesetting> Batch Delete . With several clicks, you can easily remove bulk text content,blank spaces,separators,and more to adjust the layout.

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