Top 10 business excel templates

August 31, 2022

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Top 10 Business Excel Templates are The business excels templates can be used for the calculation and the management of products, sales, and the budget used by the company or the individual.This help the user to make a professional spreadsheet for the business arrangement and help them to increase their productivity and avoid faults in their gross and budgets.

You can create your own Top 10 Business Excel Templates in excel using the workbook. And also can download these templates using the WPS website which provides a great variety of business templates. These include the following samples which are variedly used for the arrangement and management for business work like the annual report, weekly or monthly presentations, a photo album of the products, details of wages, and many more with formulas. Follow the business excel template is:

1. Colorful Excel Schedule:

This template includes the details of the milestone achieved by the company in different working weeks. 

2. Business Trip Schedule:

This template can be used by the company during the business trip. The excel template will help them to organize their trips according to their working in different locations and times.

3.Simple Business Roadshow. ppt:

The roadshow template includes the features which can be used by the company for different ideas, terms, and conditions which can be used during a business deal and are provided to the business partners. 

4.Simple Business Presentation. pptx:

These templates can be used by both the employees and the management for the presentations which include the feedback section, the new ideas, and the project and the working expense on that very project which is made by the employees used this template.

5.Watercolor Style Year-end Working Report. pptx:

This template provides a cool version for the presentations that can be used by the employees of fashion or textile companies to make their presentations way more attractive.

6.Fresh and Clean Business Album.pptx:

This template has many features which can make a very clean and impressive presentation as it allows the use of photo bum options. The workers may use images and photos to elaborate their ideas more impressively for their projects.

7.Business Wage Note.xlsx:

This template is used for the calculation and record of the wages of the employee on monthly basis.

8.Sales Commission Settlement List.xlsx:

This is used for keeping the sales record and the commission given to the employees during the sales and purchase process.

9.Business Charge Management.xlsx:

For business charge management this template is used which help in planning the budget and expenses of the company.

10.Fresh Simple Business Report.pptx:

This template is used for the annual reports and summary of all the business and records of products, sales, and purchases.

These Top 10 Business Excel Templates are extremely useful for organized work in business. The sheets can be used by the company in their annual reports which will help them to know about the strength and weaknesses most importantly these templates can be downloaded free from the WPS and can be customized according to the user's choice. Download WPS Office for more free templates and exciting features now.