Top 10 examples of Sumif in excel

August 31, 2022

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Top 10 Examples Of Sumif In Excel are used by the users to add the values in an amount which fulfil the criterion specified by the user. For instance, SUMIF Function is used in a column containing digits in which we want to add the values only which are larger than a particular digit.  it is ready made function in excel sheets which finds the added value of digits on the basis of the false or true conditions.

Top 10 Examples Of Sumif In Excel sheets are highly effective and useful for the individuals and even organizations. Different templates of the SUMIF function can be downloaded for free from the WPS website online which have built in formula.

Simple Delivery Order

it Is an important special delivery form used by various companies as this sheet can be modified according to their requirenments. This form includes the commodity, it’s specification, money etc.

Family Shopping List

The family shopping list is an excel spreadsheet which includes the item name, size, quantity, amount and the name of the purchaser specifically it is also called automatic calculation form.

Colorful General Analysis Charts

The colourful general analysis charts including column chart, bar chart, area chart, line chart, pie chart and doughnut Are used by organisations to compare various features through these graphical representation.

Product Inspection Checklist

The product inspection checklist is an excel template form which includes name, material of product and then marks it after inspection and note down test results  by product inspector.

Duty Roster Excel Template

The duty roster excel template is important while assigning different duties to different people and is used by different organisations and teams and includes various columns on the basis of different tasks.

Simple Blue Quotation

The simple blue quotation form includes the project name its specifications, number, price and then add the total amount at last. Shut up price list

Product Price List

the product price list is one of the top examples of the some if forms in excel sheets as they include the number name, description and retail and whole price of various products.

Diet and Exercise Schedule

The diet and exercise schedule is used by different individuals to see development as through graphical representation. It tells the starting date, rate, weight and target weight loss for an individual.

Colorful Excel Schedule

The colourful excel schedule is necessary do set the goals and objectives for an organisation. This excel sheet sets down various milestones for a company.

The Minutes of the Meeting

The minutes of meeting are very important for new employees as it includes the contents, work content, job description, meeting agenda, and completion time in separate columns.

Top 10 Examples Of Sumif In Excel helps users to add values according to requirements. These templates are highly effective in organizing and managing different sort of data and budget plans. There are many more templates which can be downloaded for free from the WPS office website. For more free templates, visit WPS official website and download the application for free.